Where To Have Baby Showers

where to have baby showers

Are you planning a baby shower? You are probably so excited and are trying to look for a place to host your baby shower. Many factors can play a role in your decision. But, this post will help you choose the best places to have baby showers whether you are on a certain budget or not.

Planning baby showers can be very stressful from choosing the food to choosing the place it will be held at. Just try to have fun planning it because they are solutions to every problem that arises. I think it is best to allow other people to host your baby shower. That way you wouldn’t stress too much about it and you can get your baby registry ready. Do you want a baby shower and only have 100 dollars to spend? Or do you have millions and want the most extravagant baby shower? Both are possible. Just keep reading!

where to have baby showers

In this post, the following will be discussed.

  • When should I have a baby shower?
  • How to prepare for a baby shower?
  • Where to have baby showers?
  • How To Have A Baby Shower Without Exceeding Budget?
  • My Favorite Baby Shower Themes

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When should I have a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. This party helps the expectant mother and father by providing them with gifts for the baby. Baby stuff is very expensive, so this is a way to scratch off things from their baby registry. Baby showers can happen at different times, but it most commonly occurs between 1 and 2 pm. But, you do not need to follow this. First, let’s talk about which month of pregnancy you should have baby showers in.

The best time to have a baby shower is between 6 and 8 months of pregnancy. This is the ideal time because you would most likely know the gender and have your baby registry ready. (Baby registries are great to share with the people you invite to your baby shower. That is so they know what items they should buy as gifts.  Keep in mind, some women like to host baby showers before then because it is physically harder to plan a baby shower when you are too pregnant. 

Tip: Let someone other than you host the party! You don’t need the extra stress.

Timing also plays a huge role. Think about what can of baby shower you want to have. Do you a very early brunch with family and friends or a lunch? Or, maybe you would like to watch the sunset during your baby shower. You may also be forced to host a baby shower a bit later or earlier than the optimal time because of the seasons. The best day of the week to have baby showers is on Saturday and Sunday because everyone is free on those days. 

How to prepare for a baby shower?

where to have baby showers

Typically, a baby shower will cost between one hundred dollars and a thousand dollars. It should be hosted by a sister, mother, mother-in-law, or friend. Some people think it should not be hosted by a direct relative because it may seem you may all be after the presents. So, whatever you are comfortable with, you should just do.

If you are worried about the money, don’t worry because it all depends on what you want and what you choose for the baby shower. Begin planning for a baby shower at least two months before. Some of the things you may want at your baby shower can take time to get. So, begin planning the following:

  • Choose the time and date of the baby shower. 
  • Set a budget (could be as low as 100 dollars).
  • Complete your baby registry.
  • Make a list of the people you are going to invite (Guest List).
  • Decide on the theme of the baby shower.
  • Choose the place where the baby shower will take place.
  • Decide on what decorations you want. 
  • Choose the food you are going to serve. 
  • Make the invitation and mail them (if needed). 
  • Share your baby registry with the invited people. 
  • Choose a photographer (could be a family member).
  • Plan baby shower activities like games and the opening of presents. Pan activities for two to three hours. That is how long a baby shower should be.
  • Create You Baby Shower Schedule – Look at the sample below!

This sample baby shower is 2-3 hours. 

– Welcome your guests. Eat snacks or food.

-Begin playing games.

-Eat cake.

-Open gifts and thank everyone. 

-Pass out gift bags. 

I recommend creating a baby registry with Amazon. Click here to create a baby registry with Amazon.

I personally made a baby registry with Amazon because there were so many benefits. I will list a few. 

  • You get a free welcome box that has items worth 35 dollars.
  • You can add items from different sites to the registry by using the universal option. 
  • There are a million options of items to choose from. 
  • You can return the items for up to a year. 
  • More than one person can contribute to buying an expensive item for you off the registry. 

Where to have baby showers?

where to have baby showers

I am going to divide this section into 4 categories. The categories are best places to have baby showers, best good places to have baby showers, best cheap places to have baby showers and best free places to have baby showers. Go to the one you are more comfortable with! The first is very expensive.

1. Best Places To Have Baby Showers

  • The Mark Hotel’s penthouse suite in New York City 

If you are looking for an extravagant penthouse, you have found it. The Mark Hotel’s penthouse suite in New York City is the largest penthouse in the united states. Meghan Markle had her baby shower there. It costs 75,000 dollars per night. So, it ain’t cheap, but it is a beautiful place! It has its own library and dining room. The best of it all is that it has its own private terrace with a beautiful view! It is truly a wonderful place to host parties at. 

  • Hotel Bel-Air

This hotel is found in Los Angeles. Khloe Kardashian hosted her baby shower there. It is found on wooded hills and it is a very quiet relaxing hotel. You may enjoy the swan lake and walk between the tall trees! Many events occur them especially those of Hollywood. 

  • Butterfly Bar in Hollywood

It has a beautiful private rooftop with a 360-degree view of the Beverly hills. It is surrounded by butterflies and it has a beautiful heated swimming pool. 

2. Best Good Places To Have Baby Showers

  • A Banquet Hall

This is a perfect place to host a baby shower. These are rooms designed for parties. There are many banquet halls around you and their prices range from low to high. The average price to rent a banquet hall is 1300 dollars, but it could be slow as 500 dollars. 

  • A Rooftop Rental

Rooftops are known to be amazing! The view sets the theme of the entire party. Who wouldn’t want a party on a rooftop? Renting a rooftop costs between 400 and 8000 dollars a day. But you can just rent it for a few hours. it ranged from 50 dollars to 200 dollars an hour. 

  • Hotel

There are so many benefits of having a baby shower at a hotel. The first thing you should know that hotels come with advanced equipment like speakers. You wouldn’t have to clean up after your party or stress out if something goes wrong. The professionals will take care of everything! Also, you might think most people do the baby shower in a room in the hotel. But, actually, the hotel lets you book a big conference room. 

  • Barn

A barn is a very original place to have a baby shower. Let me start by saying if you choose a barn, your baby shower will be amazing and unique. The barn itself will give a great vibe, and I have seen many ideas that go great with a barn. It fits many people, it is unique and not expensive. You can even ask any local person to rent a barn from.

  • A Lake House

A lake house is a great option for many reasons. It isn’t expensive. It is big, and nature will make your party stand out! If there is a terrace or an area around the lake house, you can use that for the party. That way people can enjoy the fresh air or watch the sunset. 

  • A Boat

This would definitely be the best party you have ever had. Let me tell you, the ocean, sunset, and fresh air are all you need to make your party the best of the best. I mean who doesn’t want to ride a boat and play games with the ones they love! The pictures you can take there would also have a great background. But, this may be expensive. You can rent a small yacht for 1500 dollars per day. So, look at boat rentals near you and see how much it costs before deciding to do this. 

3. Best Cheap Places To Have Baby Showers

  • The Church

The church is big and great for a baby shower. You just need to make sure your church hosts baby showers and what the rules are. Some only host parties for members and not everyone. So talk to them ahead of time and see what their requirements are. But, this is a great cheap option. 

  • A Restaurant

Restaurants are great for baby showers. Book a table or more for your guest at your favorite restaurant. Talk to the restaurant beforehand if you want anything prepared. You wouldn’t have to do much! Just relax and enjoy your special time. You would be able to have a huge menu and you can even ask for private dining. 

  • A Tent

Rent a tent. It costs from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars. But you wouldn’t need a huge one. Or, even better, borrow one from a family member or a friend or even a coworker. I am sure they would be happy to lend you one. Just sent it up in your backyard, a park or a beach. It would be great!

  • A Winery

If your love ones and you love wine, what is a better place than a winery. Have the party outdoor and let the wine tasting begin. You can all learn new information about vineyards while tasting the best wines.I remember attending a birthday party at a winery once, I personally don’t drink, but the view was amazing. I also loved learning new things!

  • Gardens

Gardens are great for parties. Many people can attend. You get to enjoy the outdoor weather and space. And, outdoor spaces are great for games! The green plants and flowers will add beauty to your party! Youc an even set up a side of the garden for all your decorations.

  • YMCA

Did you know that YMCA rents out small spaces for parties. It is very inexpensive. Some provide their own decorations and balloons. Just call ahead of time

4. Best Free Places To Have Baby Showers

  • A Park

I have gone to the park millions of times, and I have always seen some kind of party being hosted there. They either place a tent and decorate around it, or decorate around a table, or even put picnic blankets on the grass. Trust me it looks great and guess what, it is totally free! What a better place than a park!  Fresh air, trees, ducks, children and much more!!!!

  • Your Home

This is where I would host my baby shower. I mean I love my house. I am free to do whatever I want. Decorating my home would be fun and I can control everything. Also, it will be very private which I think is a pro. But, I need to be honest. There are some negatives with hosting your party at home that you need to keep in mind. You may cause some conflicts with your neighbors (Invite them if that is a problem), cleaning your home will be difficult, and you may get stressed out. 

  • Your Backyard

If you think about the negative factors of hosting a party at your home, you can do it in your yard. That way cleaning would be less, you wouldn’t need to move your furniture, you will have more space for your guests, and what better than some fresh air. 

  • Someone You Know’s Home

You may not be the one who is hosting the party. Your mother-in-law or a friend may be hosting the baby shower for you, so doing it at their home is an option. It is for free, you don’t need to worry about your house, and you would be less stressed. 

  • The Beach

Yes, you can have a party at the beach. Just make sure you do not need any kind of permission to do so. Beaches are always amazing. The scenery is quite impressive and everyone loves the beach. You can set up a table and chairs there, or spread out some blankets. 

  • Online Baby Shower

Why not have an online baby shower? You don’t need invitations, food, space, or anything. You just connect online, play games online, and open the presents in front of everyone. It is one of the best options. 

  • Do you live in a complex?

If you live in an apartment complex, they usually have a free space like a clubhouse for you to host parties at. You just need to ask the owners!

How To Have A Baby Shower Without Exceeding Budget?

Tip: Save one hundred dollars each month for the baby shower once you find out you are pregnant. This way you will have the money ready before the baby shower. Also, keep in mind baby showers can actually save you lots of money since the guests would buy you products from your baby registry. 

Here is how you can save money when throwing a baby shower.

  • Most say you should decrease the number of guests you are inviting. I would say not to do this. The more people that come, the more baby products would be crossed off your registry. You would have to buy fewer baby products. 
  • So, the first thing you need to do is to create a baby registry and share it with your invites. Click here to do so.
  • Do not make expensive invitations. Instead, invite them all online! That is one of the advantages of our online world. Or, make your own. After picking a theme, you can make your own invitations and match them with your theme. It would be a great DYI.
  • Do not host your party during meal times. This way you wouldn’t have to provide food such as lunch or dinner. Instead, you would have to only provide snacks and drinks. The best time to do it is between breakfast and lunch. Or, have a potluck. Let everyone bring some kind of food with them! Or, buy food in bulk like from Costco. They have everything in bulks and the prices are great!
  • You know what! You can have a come-and-go party. That means a few people come at a time and leave right away. They just give you their gift, eat a simple snack and leave. You can save space and money for food like this. 
  • Host your party somewhere free like your home or at a nearby park. 
  • Buy a beautiful cake from your grocery store instead of an expensive place. You can find really pretty ones that taste good and are inexpensive!
  • Decorate your own party and buy the decorations from a local store like dollar tree or flowers from a grocery store. Avoid very expensive places that sell decorations. Just buy a certain color that goes along with your theme and make your party look amazing. You can get coupons that will decrease your overall expenses on these things. Or, you can decorate the things you already have at home. Like, put colored ribbons around vases you already have or candles. Or, you can use flowers from your garden. 
  • You can print free game templates online or from ThePostpartumParty, WebBabyShower, or PrettyMyParty.

Some Cheap Food Ideas

  • sandwiches
  • pasta salad
  • fruit cups 
  • eggs rolls
  • veggies and dips
  • Punch (avoid alcohol because it’s expensive)
  • Cheese plate

My Favorite Baby Shower Theme Ideas Regardless of Your Decision Where To Have Baby Showers

  • Mustache Baby Shower

If you are having a boy, this would be a great idea. Just look at the picture below. Isn’t it unique?

  • Rainbow Baby Shower

I personally love this one! This is great for both genders and who doesn’t love colors?

  • Dr. Suess Baby Shower

You would be surprised to see how great a Dr. Suess Baby Shower can look. Just look below! This one is also great for twins. 

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

Oh, this one is beautiful and so lovely. See a sample game below!

There are many other themes like 

  • zoo themed
  • simply blue, pink-themed
  • taco themed
  • fairyland themed
  • flower themed 
  • balloon themed

In Conclusion “Where To Have Baby Showers?”

There are so many places to host a baby shower. It all depends on what kind of vibe you want your party to give out and how much you are willing to spend. Just because you want an inexpensive party, doesn’t mean you can’t have an extravagant party. Think about the places I listed above, and look up some creative ideas to make the party stand out.

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2 years ago

This is a great list for new parents to plan!

2 years ago

Some cute themes you suggested!

2 years ago

Wished I had this information when I was planning my showers. You give so many ideas! I’m definitely sharing with future moms I know.

Briana Baker
2 years ago

This is such a comprehensive article! I used Amazon registry for both my girls’ showers! Love Amazon!

Monica Simpson
Monica Simpson
2 years ago

Planning any kind of event can be stressful. This is very helpful for anyone planning a baby shower.

Luna S
Luna S
2 years ago

All of these are great ideas! Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun.

2 years ago

I love that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect place for a baby shower. This is such a special event where we can be surrounded by our family and loved ones!

Gervin Khan
Gervin Khan
2 years ago

I have a fun and memorable baby shower during my 7 months with my close family members and friends.