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Where To Do Baby Registry 2021

Do you want to know where to do baby registry, you have come to the right place. This is a question all moms to be ask themselves; so you are not the only one confused. There are so many options out there and choosing one can be difficult. This is why I have decided to write this post and breakdown the pros and cons for each one. I personally recommend the Amazon registry, and you will see why later in this post. So, let’s get to it!

In this post the following will be discussed.

  • When to have a baby registry?
  • Where to do baby registry?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affliate links. I earn a small comission if you purchase something at no additional cost to you. 

where to do baby registry

When To Have A Baby Registry

You can start a baby registry at any time you want. You can start the first day of your pregnancy or after you know the gender of your baby (approximately 20th week of pregnancy). Most moms to be start it at 12 weeks. You just need to keep in mind that it takes a very long time to make a baby registry. There are so many things you need to add to it, and you have to have it ready before your baby shower. That is because the guests who are coming to your baby shower should buy gifts from it. Usually, the baby shower occurs in the second or third trimester, just don’t wait too long so you would be able to physically enjoy the party.

Where To Do Baby Registry

There are so many websites and places you can create a baby registry at. You should only create one baby registry because it is already difficult to make one, and it will be easier to share with your family and friends.

I will help you decide where you should create the baby registry, I personally recommend Amazon Baby Registry, but there are so many places so I will mention them all. But, Amazon should be your number one choice.

Create Amazon Baby Registry Here!

1. Amazon

where to do baby registry

Amazon baby registry has the most benefits in comparison to the other registries, and the benefits are significant. By creating one with Amazon, you get:

– A Free Welcome Box With 35 Dollar Products

You just have to register, buy an item worth 10 dollars or more and wait for it to be shipped. Once shipped, you can claim the free welcome baby box. Mine had diapers, diaper cream, nipple cream, breast pads, Dr.Brown bottle, a swaddling blanket in it, and some coupons and samples. I got many welcome boxes from all the places I mention in this post, but this one was the best!

– A Huge Variety Of Products

Amazon has literally the biggest collection of products for moms and babies. I am talking about millions of products. The app and the website is so easy to use and every one knows Amazon.

-365 Day Return

You have a whole year to return items that you did not use or don’t want anymore. The best part is it is so easy to return items.

-Group Gifting

This is a new feature which lets many people contribute to one big gift. For example, if you add a stroller to your registry. One person might contribute 50 dollars and another 100 until the gift is paid off. Make sure to share your baby registry with the guests of your baby shower. They will buy gifts from there.

-Completion Discount

When there is 60 days left for the estimated arrival of your baby, you get a 10 percent discount on everything left on your baby registry. If you are a prime member, you get 15 percent off of everything. The discount continues for 60 days after the estimated arrival of your baby.

-Universal Registry

You get universal registry, meaning you can find a product online from any place and add to your Amazon baby registry. Not everything has to be from Amazon. This is an amazing feature!

Create Amazon Baby Registry Here!

2. BuyBuy

where to do baby registry

There are some benefits of creating one with BuyBuy Baby.

-Free Box

This box is filled with coupons and samples. It is entirely free, but the downside is you are going to have to to get it from one of the BuyBuy Baby locations. It cannot be sent online.

-Free Shipping

This applies only if the items you purchased are worth more than 1500 dollars. Then you get a whole year of free shipping. But, did you know in average a baby registry is worth 1250 dollars and people only purchase half the items found in it. So, it isn’t really a benefit.

-Completion Discount

Once you have a few days left before labor, you get a 15 percent discount on the items in your baby registry. This is very similar to the Amazon baby registry.

– Referral Reward

If you refer friends to create a baby registry with BuyBuy Baby, you get a 25 dollar off a 100 dollar purchase for each friend who registers. The purchases need to be done at a store.

This one has one big problem. You can only buy products from BuyBuy Baby. 

3. Walmart 

where to do baby registry

Yes, you can create a baby registry with Walmart. I love Walmart, and They also have a few benefits.

-Free Welcome Box

Just like Amazon and BuyBuy Baby, you get a free welcome box but this one has items worth 40 dollars.

-Accepts Returns Up To A Year

You can return any purchase within 365 days. This is a great plus because you will see that some of your baby purchases will not be used.

4. Shop At Any Walmart Location

You can choose products from different Walmart locations and add it into one baby registry. Amazon is better because you can literally buy from any store not just Amazon and place it into one baby registry.

This one has two problems. You can only buy products from walmart and if you want to return something you have to do it in person. 

4. Target 

Target has many benefits too. They are very similar to Amazon.

– Deals

There are always deals throughout the year. You can take advantage of that. Amazon also has so many deals especially on certain holidays like Black Friday and Chrismas.

-15 Percent Completion Discount

You get 15 percent discount on all items in the registry up to 8 weeks before the expected due date.

-Returns For Up To A Year

You can return or exchange any purchase within 365 days. This is similar to Amazon and Walmart.


Just like Amazon, you can buy items from any place and add it to your Target registry.

-Group Gifting

Again just like Amazon, more than one person can contribute to one product on the registry. This will solve the problem of having expensive products.

-Gift Tracking

This feature will help you know who bought what off your registry. This will make it easier to know who to thank.


You can personalize your baby registry by adding pictures. Many people love this about Target.

The bad thing about target is that it is hard to deal with online. It is not easy to navigate through the website. So, guests will not like it. 

5. Pottery Barn Kids

The only bad things about this one are you need to pay 5 dollars for shipping and the app got a 2 star rating. So, let’s get to the pros.

-Easy To Create

It is very easy to create one in Pottery Barn Kids. Your guests can buy the products online or at the store or simply by phone.


You get 20 percent off of everything left in your registry for 6 months after the baby is born.


There is a checklist available to help you know what you would need for your baby.

Or, just click here to download my pregnancy checklist. It includes everything!

pregnancy checklists

6. Babylist

-You get a free Hello Welcome Box.

– Babylist is a website that allows you to add products from any place in their world into one registry.

-It also provides you with many products on its website.

-60 days before the arrival of your baby, you will receive a discount of 15 percent on any product by babylist.

-You can see who gifted you the products.

-They give you free insert cards to give out as baby shower invitations.

-They compare prices of the same item among many places and give you the best deal.

-The app is very easy to use.

-You can link other registries you already have to it.

The only bad thing is they have a very strict return policy. 

In Conclusion “Where To Do Baby Registry”

These are the best baby registries out there. I recommend Amazon, but there are many other options. Choose what works best for you and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends because they are the ones who will help you out.

Leave a comment below. Which one are you going to choose, and why?

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