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When Do Babies Get Easier: Newborn Hacks

Yes, you thought pregnancy was so hard, and now you have now realized the newborn stage is even much harder. You are probably wondering when do babies get easier.

The long sleepless nights, postpartum depression, and the pain of breastfeeding have all been overlooked. Welcome to the newborn stage!

Just remember it will pass and you may even make it much easier with these newborn hacks. So, if you are looking for when do babies get easier, you have come to the right place.

When do babies get easier

I remember my mom telling me it gets easier when your baby is 8 weeks old. My baby finally reacher his eighth week of life, and I was expecting my baby to become the angel my mom promised me he will become.

Unfortunately, he did not. I still struggled with all the problems I was facing. He kept crying. He wouldn’t sleep.

The pacifier was never sucked. My whole body hurt like hell. I WAS SOOOOO SLEEPY!!!!

Today, I have two babies. One is a toddler and I have an eight month old. Let me tell you, everything is now good!

Now, I know why mom said that. She had four kids and had learned from each pregnancy how to deal with children. I was not experienced. I didn’t know what to do.

Unfortunately, I hated my life. But, I am experienced now and capable of creating a happy life.

Let me teach and help you! Here is guide to help you convert this difficult stage to a positive one filled with happiness and memories worth remembering!

In this post, the following topics will be discussed.

  • When Do Babies Get Easier?
  • When Do Newborns Get Easier?
  • Do Babies Get Easier at 6 Weeks?
  • Are Babies Easier After One Year?
  • Tips to Get Through The First Year With Your Newborn
  • When Does the Newborn Stage End?


This post is for informational purposes only. If you have any concerns, please talk to your doctor. This post is not to be taken as medical advice.

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When Do Babies Get Easier?

The first few months are going to be hard. But, when your baby is 2 to 3 months old, things will get easier.

They may begin to sleep better and for longer periods of time. This is probably because they will have adapted to the new environment, and you have learned what works and what doesn’t.

Also, eating more makes them sleep for longer periods of time. If you are six months in and you are still struggling, you have come to the right place!

when do newborns get easier

When Do Newborns Get Easier?

Here are some reasons why you may be having difficulties. 

1. You are letting your baby depend on you for everything including using your breasts as a comfort for them.

If you let this happen, you baby will not want to sleep in her/his bed. Or, the baby may want you to keep carrying them all day. The trick is to teach your baby how to self soothe. Read my post “Moms On Call Schedule”.

You can snuggle your baby as much as you want, but try not to do that during moments your baby needs to learn to calm her/himself down. It is never too late to teach your baby to self soothe. It usually takes no more than a few days for your baby to realize crying will not get any positive result. 

2. Speaking of my other post, if you do not have your baby on a routine, everything will be difficult.

You will not be able to organize your day and plan for self care. It is very important for you to have time for yourself to stay happy and energetic enough to take care of your baby. 

If you are looking for ideas on how to put your baby on a schedule (must be at least 2 weeks old), reach my post “Moms On Call Schedule”.

3. Thinking about the future is the worst thing you can do now.

If your mind keeps wandering, just meditate and try to get things out of your head. This is not a good time to think about your baby’s future. You may be going through postpartum depression. Thinking about the future now only creates anxiety and stress. Leave it be and live day by day. 

are babies easier at 12 months

4. Not letting others help you is also an issue that may cause you further problems and stress.

New moms need help. It is not a question but rather a fact. There are so many things that you need to deal with like how to give your precious baby a bath or how to get your baby to stop crying all the time.

There are people who are experienced in soothing babies. Let them help. Let your mom, sister, friend, mother-in-law help! Take all the help you can get. 

5. Breastfeeding and weaning can play with your hormones.

They can make you depressed and exhausted. Talk to other moms. Find help. This is the only way you can have a complete healthy mind to get you through this difficult times. 

Breastfeeding is hard. After you get used to it, and create a routine that works for you and your child, it will get much easier. I personally switched to pumping exclusively after finding so many difficulties with breastfeeding. But, I know so many other moms who didn’t have the problems I had. 

Do Babies Get Easier at 6 Weeks?

My mom told me your baby will get easier after the first 6 weeks. And, honestly it got better a bit. I was a bit better at breastfeeding, I understood my baby better, and we had a schedule set.

But, that doesn’t mean it was easy. It was hard but easier than the newborn stage. I still had difficulties. I still had to wake up in the middle of the night (three times in my case) to pump milk. It was hard not napping with my child, so I was still exhausted. 

The good thing is that it got easier. Just imagine how much better it would get as time passes by. The newborn stage will end. Do not worry. 

Are Babies Easier After One Year?

The answer to this is Yes! If you follow everything I said before, your baby would be on a schedule. Not only would your postpartum depression most likely have subsided, but you would be more attached to your baby.

Your baby can play now which will give you some time to just relax and enjoy precious moments. A one year old baby can play social games, laugh, and crawl. You don’t need to always hold your baby anymore. 

Here are some ways your child will change when they hit the first birthday. 

  • Will be able to walk, crawl and/or cruise. 
  • Will laugh and play with you. 
  • You will be able to understand your child better.  
  • Will be able to eat actual food and take in less milk. 
  • Say simple words. 

Tips to Help You Get Through The First Year With Your Newborn

When do babies get easier

By learning these hacks, you will no longer need to ask when do babies get easier.

Newborn Hacks

  • Swaddling is difficult, more difficult than it looks especially if your baby is a kicker. Buy an easy swaddle like “swaddleme” or a sleepsack. It will save you time!
  • Buy a wipe warmer. Newborns do not like anything that is cold.
  • Make sure your newborn’s clothes have zippers. It is so much easier to deal with. Two zippers would be amazing.
  • Buy more than one crib sheet. There will be a lot of spit-up. Also, buy a water-proof sheet. 
  • Buy a nipple shield. Your nipples will bleed if you decide to breastfeed.

More Hacks

  • Use coconut oil for cradle cap. To prevent it, scrub the baby’s head efficiently during each bath. 
  • Keep a small basket filled with baby supplies in each room.
  • Sleep when your baby does. You will not get good enough sleep at night for the first few weeks.
  • Try to create a routine by the second week. This will keep you sane.
  • Boppy pillows are necessary. Invest in a good one.
  • Try to prepare easy meals or order from out because you will not have time to make good meals.
  • Try to get some movement into your routine. It could be just a simple morning walk. It is healthy for you to go outdoors.
  • Buy more than one brand of diapers and see what contains those blowouts more.
  • Keep extra diapers and extra pair of clothes in your diaper bag and in the car.
  • Always have gas drops and place the baby on the crib. The baby will fall asleep quickly thinking it is still on your lap. 
  • You may notice your newborn will cry a lot if your milk supply is not enough or takes time to come in. Buy a box of formula just in case and if you are okay with it. You can always stop the formula when not needed. Keep breastfeeding while supplementing formula so your milk supply can increase.
  • Drink lots of water. It will help with milk supply and help you lose baby weight. There are so many ways to lose the postpartum weight. You do not need to think about it too much. Wait to lose weight after your life gets easier with your newborn.

What Does the Newborn Stage End?

It will end! Trust me! The important thing is that you can make things easier on you even during the newborn stage. Here are some ways to make your life easier during the newborn stage. 

  • Take care of yourself. Find a hobby or something that makes you happy. 
  • Do not forget about your partner. Problems will rise if you ignore each other. Let someone take care of your baby and go out with your spouse.
  • Eat well because you will be exhausted if you don’t. You need to be healthy to take care of your child. 
  • Buy everything that can make you life easier. That is if your money isn’t tight. There are so many products nowadays that can help make the first year of parenting easier. 
  • Some people say that the newborn stage is the easiest. Do not get scared when you hear that. It all depends on the parenting techniques you follow. 
  • Take naps whenever you can. 
  • Set boundaries as your child grows up. This will make the toddler years much easier for you. Trust me!
  • Make sure your baby isn’t colic. This will cause a lot of problems. So, talk to your baby’s doctor if you think he/she may be colic. 

Conclusion | When Do Babies Get Easier?

when do babies get easier

I hope these newborn hacks help with the first few weeks of your baby’s life. If you would like more newborn hacks, I recommend reading LoveLilaya’s blog 30 Newborn Tips, Tricks and Hacks For The First 30 Days.” If you would like to know what items you need for the first year, read “Things You Need for Your Newborn”. 

Leave a comment below. Share what has worked for you! Let us help each other out. Women helping other women will make earth a better place to live in. Just remember you are not alone. Everyone goes through it. You will survive. Just believe in yourself. Thank you for reading. I hope you learned from it and enjoyed it. 

For more information, watch this video “HOW TO SURVIVE the First 3 Months with BABY || What Every NEW MOM Should Know” (When Do Newborns Get Easier) [08 min, 45 sec]

Have you read these? They are worth your time, trust me!

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Kristin Braus
1 year ago

Many great tips in there like warming the cot. My baby is going to b a winter baby and it does get quite cold here in Australia too. Drinking lots of water to help lose the baby weight sounds like a good one! Thanks, Kris

Sarah B.
1 year ago

Some of these were REALLY helpful for me with my twins. Luckily for me, the hospital gave me a nipple shield before I even left! Such a lifesaver.

1 year ago

straightforward, practical tips for new parents.. great list

1 year ago

Trying to manage a newborn is definitely a difficult stage. These are useful pointers for new moms to get through it.

1 year ago

Great tips! The newborn stage is difficult, but you miss it when you get through it.

1 year ago

All these tips are spot on! Especially about the zipper pjs

1 year ago

This is such a great list! Wish I had this with my first. Great job!

Len Swegart
1 year ago

I agree–this is an excellent list. These tips will definitely help new parents thrive in the newborn stage.

1 year ago

These tips are spot on. They make swaddling look so easy! My son got out of every swaddle until we got the velcro swaddles!

1 year ago

These are great tips. More moms need to be aware and prepared for what happens after they bring that beautiful bundle home.

1 year ago

These are so helpful and Spot on! The bridge of three nose trick saved us so many times!

Lexi Torres
Lexi Torres
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! Wish I had these tips when Isaac was a newborn 🙂

1 year ago

You give great advice for new mothers. It’s so important to get a good routine down!

1 year ago

All your tips are spot on for any new or experienced mother. I wish I had this list for my first born.