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What Should You Buy Your Child For Christmas 2020?

What should you buy for your child for Christmas 2020

The holidays are near, and I am pretty sure all the mommies out there are going crazy trying to figure out what they should buy for their kids. It’s exciting celebrating with your children especially if this is their first Christmas, so make it special. I am going to help you decide what should you buy for your child for Christmas 2020, and keep in mind all my suggestions are going to be useful, educational, and suitable for your child’s age. 

How many toys should I buy for my child?

It depends on your personal situation. If money is tight, buy something simple or make something meaningful to them. I believe that everyone should make something for their child whether they buy many toys or not. 

If money is not tight, many mothers agree that three is the perfect number of toys for your child. If you buy more, your child will focus on quantity rather than quality. Choose three meaningful and educational toys for your child and I am sure he/she will be happy and satisfied. Don’t forget the hugs and kisses!

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What should I buy for my baby (0-6 Months)?

At this age, some babies may be able to hold up their heads for a short period of time, look at you, babble, or even show interest in toys. The following are the best choices.

  • Security Blanket: 

Children at this age love feeling secure and warm. A security blanket is a good choice. One of the best choices is the Hudson Animal Face Security Blanket. It combines a stuffy with a blanket, it is incredibly soft, and it is only 9 dollars on Amazon. 

What should you buy for your child for Christmas 2020

  • Rattles: 

Children at this age are engaged with noise. Rattles are perfect for them. They are so many times, and they are even sock and wrist rattles. Rattles are also cost-efficient!

What should you buy for your child for Christmas 2020

  • Teethers:

Children love to suck on things and some begin teething at this age. You can buy a rattle and teether together.

  • Tummy Time Playmats

Tummy Time playmats are perfect for this age. It helps them achieve many milestones. There are so many types and a broad price range. Choose wisely.

What should I buy for my baby (6-12 months)?

At this age, children may sit unassisted, begin to stand up, crawl, and may even take a few steps. 

  • Rattles, Teethers, and Security Blankets 

These toys still work and are recommended at this age.

  • Walkers and Push Toys

This is an amazing age to encourage children to try to stand up and walk. Walkers and push toys are the best in teaching them this milestone. 

  • Musical Instruments

They love music and love to dance, clap their hands, and move to the beat. Amazon sells a musical table which not only gives your child the opportunity to dance but also he/she can stand up using the table. 

  • Stacking Toys

This is a very good educational choice and is cost-efficient.

  • Books

Children love looking at things and touching them. A touch and feel book would be an amazing choice because it satisfies the children’s sensory need and it is educational. What’s even more convenient is that you can choose a book related to the holidays.

What should I buy for my 1-3-year-old?

At this age, your child will be developing his/her own personality. Keep that in mind before choosing a gift.  

  • Interests Toys

My son had an obsession with toy cars. So, I decided to at least buy him one car for the holidays. Find out what your child likes, and buy him/her a toy that you are sure he/she would enjoy. Some interests include music, transportation, and/or animals.

  • Books

Children at this age love books. Choose one that makes noise and is educational.

  • Drawing Doodle Board

Everyone loves to draw and create masterpieces, and drawing doodle boards are cost-efficient. 

  • Ride-On Toys

Your child will go crazy for this. Choose one that suits your child’s exact age and abilities.

What should I buy for my 3-4-year-old?

Four-year-olds are full of personality. They have unique interests and may even ask for a specific toy for Christmas. Be creative when choosing their gifts!

  • Drawing Mats

Children love drawing at this age. It would keep them occupied for a very long time. 

What should you buy for your child for Christmas 2020

  • Activity Mats

Choose an activity mat related to your child’s interest. For example, if your child is interested in animals, you can buy an animal activity board.

What should you buy for your child for Christmas 2020

  • Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are great for introducing technology into your child’s life. Try staying away from tablets and phones. 

  • Board Games

What’s better than board games. Your child will love spending time with you playing these games. 

I hope now you can decide what should you buy your child for Christmas 2020. Happy holidays!

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3 years ago

This is a great list! Thank you for the gift suggestions. I plan to get more books to Christmas to continue encouraging my daughter to read.

Michelle Latinovich
3 years ago

Great ideas for Christmas gifts! Thanks for sharing!

Gervin Khan
Gervin Khan
3 years ago

Such great gift ideas for those ages and I have found some for my son for this Christmas.

3 years ago

Great gift ideas! Although mine usually end up enjoying the boxes more than the toys!

ashley t
ashley t
3 years ago

These are some great gift ideas for kids.

3 years ago

Great list! I have a 2 month old and a 2 year old. They are getting some toys but mostly educational things.

3 years ago

Such great ideas! Im a future momma to be and its great gift ideas for our virtual shower. Thanks for sharing