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Things You Need For Your Newborn

  Are you ready for a baby?   

Preparing for a baby is quite hard. You think you have everything prepared, but every day you will realize you have forgotten some necessary things. I know I have!  I decided to write down the things you need for your newborn and what brands I loved the most. 


  • Crib or Bassinet

You will need a crib and/or a bassinet. You should also get a mattress, sheets,  and water-resistant undersheets to protect the mattress.

things you need for newborn

  • Swaddles or Sleepsack

The baby will initially sleep without pillows and a blanket. Use a swaddling sleepsack or a swaddling cloth to keep the baby warm. I used the Halo sleepsack for the first 3 months. I used this specific one

  • Night light 

Didn’t use one while the baby was in the same room as us, but as soon as he slept in his room, I needed one.


  • Car seat

You need an infant car seat. For the first year, the car seat must be rear-facing.

  •  Stroller
  • Diaper bag

A diaper bag should have a pocket for baby wipes and a waterproof changing pad.

  • Sling / Baby carrier

I bought the Ergo baby (4-way) and Baby k’tan. The Ergo baby is great for babies after they are a few months old. For newborns, the k’tan is a better fit (it’s a preassembled cloth sling) and keeps the baby close to the chest. 


  • Chair

The chair must be comfortable with armrests for nursing. It is not necessary but we found it useful for feedings at night.

  • Nursing bras

Buy a minimum of 2 (preferably more). I bought some bras from Bravado brand.

  • Nursing pads

Make sure you buy some without plastic

  • Breast pump

Your insurance might give you a free one. Look at your insurance coverage online, it will tell you.

  • Nipple shield

I bought the Medela contact nipple shield (16mm). You only need this if your baby has a small mouth and has trouble latching to your nipple in the first month. 

  • Nursing pillow

I recommend the Boppy brand, but I didn’t get one since I use just regular pillows but lots of moms recommended the Boppy brand.

  • Feeding bottles

I used the Medela Calma bottles for newborns, and Dr.Brown’s bottles for when he got older (anti-colic). 

things you need for your newborn

  • Lanolin cream Lansinoh (HPA Lanolin)

The hospital usually gives a cream for your sore nipples when breastfeeding but the Lansinoh brand works much better.

  • Burp Cloths, and Bibs

Buy lots of cloths! 

  • Microwaveable Bottle Sterilizer

Avent is good or any other brand.

  • Pacifiers

Make sure they are specifically for newborns.


  • Plastic bathing tub

For the first 2 months, just used a tiny bucket and mug (Be next to the baby at all times!)

  • Wash cloths and Baby Towels
  • Swaddling cloths

Buy cotton/muslin for day time swaddling.

  • Baby Soap + Shampoo


  • Contour changing pad

Buy a changing pad with contours so that baby doesn’t roll off the sides

  • Baby wipes
  • Diapers

I used pampers at first then switched to Huggies after three months. Both are pretty good.

  • Trash can

Trash can should have a lid (to contain the smell!)

  • Baby Lotion / Rash ointment / Unscented baby oil

Clothing / Grooming

  • Basic infant clothing

The baby needs onesies, footies, rompers, bodysuits,  and winter clothing (if born in winter). Don’t buy fancy clothes for the first three months, they don’t need it.

  • Baby nail clippers
  • Baby hairbrush and comb
  • Mittens, Socks, and Hats

 Buy mittens to prevent the baby from scratching its face.

  • Thermometer and Tylenol for Infants

These are all the things you need for your newborn. If you want to add more things you need for your newborn to the list, leave a comment.

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3 years ago

My sister is going to give birth in 4 months so, I shared this post with her. This is really helpful especially for first time moms.

3 years ago

It is good to know what exactly are the best essentials for newborns. I feel like we ended up with too much stuff and I wish I had known which items were the most essential.

Shayla Marie
3 years ago

As a six time mama I can definitely second a lot of these products and idea’s for crying newborns!

3 years ago

This list is great! My daughter is a toddler now, but this kind of list would have been so helpful when I was trying to figure out what I needed before she was born!

3 years ago

It is good to know exactly what to get and what isn’t useful. Thanks for sharing your list!

3 years ago

This is a great list. With all of mine I breastfed the first couple months so then when it was time to switch to bottles it was a struggle finding one they liked I ended up with many different brands until we found the perfect match. And each kid was different.

3 years ago

Such a comprehensive list! Velcro swaddles were a lifesaver for us when our newborn came home – we just could NOT get the regular blankets to stay on! 🤣

Rikki Ridgeway
3 years ago

The bassinet for my daughter was my saving grace. It is seriously my most recommended item for moms with Newborns.

Monica Simpson
Monica Simpson
3 years ago

This is the perfect list of newborn necessities. I couldn’t live without my brest friend nursing pillow and Ergo baby carrier!

Chiell Ann Ordonez
3 years ago

These are awesome recommendations, I definitely used a lot of these and support it!

Ashley T
Ashley T
3 years ago

This is a great list of essentials for a newborn.

Sonia Seivwright
3 years ago

I’m hoping for a baby next year. So this came at the right time.

3 years ago

this is such a useful list for new parents.. will be sure to share this with new parents i know

3 years ago

Thank you for the useful list! It helps a lot for the new mom. It would be great if I know this list five years before.

Samantha Laycock
3 years ago

This is a great list of everything you need for a newborn.

3 years ago

My youngest is now two months 🙂 I love Dr. Brown bottles! Worked like a charm for both of my girls!

Puja Kumari
3 years ago
Reply to  Bri

This is a perfect and going to help a lot to couples who are expecting kid for the first time. Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

All of these are great suggestions. We personally used the Dr Browns bottles with my twins and they worked the best out of all the bottles we tried. 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  Halimeh Salem

Great list! I loved our boppy. Also that pink crib is adorable!