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Symptoms at 4 DPO: Am I Pregnant?

symptoms at 4 dpo

Are you wondering if you may be feeling pregnancy symptoms at 4 DPO? All couples trying to conceive want to know if they are pregnant exactly after ovulation. 

The two week wait is the worst. However, luckily pregnancy tests are becoming much more sensitive. You can actually find out if you are pregnant by 7 DPO. The chance of that is very low, but it is still possible.

Even though a pregnancy test may not be sensitive enough to detect a pregnancy test at 4 days past ovulation, you may have 4 DPO pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms can show right after implantation. It really depend on how well a pregnant woman knows her body.

If you are curious to know what 4 DPO symptoms you could have and details about them, continue reading. 

In this post, I will discuss the following. 

  • What is happening to your body at 8 DPO?
  • What are the pregnancy symptoms at 4 DPO?
  • What if I have no symptoms  at 4 days past ovulation?
  • When should you test for pregnancy?
  • What does it mean to get big fat positive at 4 DPO?
  • Can you get BFN at 4 DPO and be pregnant?


I am not a doctor. This post is for educational purposes only and you should not take it as medical advice.

Also, this post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you buy something at no additional cost to you. 

symptoms at 4 dpo

What is happening to your body at 4 DPO?

If you are pregnant, at 4 DPO your embryo has been fertilized and is moving down the fallopian tubes. The fertilization of the embryo involves one sperm entering the egg and forming a zygote

The zygote begins to divide and grow and move down the fallopian tube. Usually, progesterone increases during the second part of the cycle. 

Progesterone causes many unpleasant symptoms whether pregnant or not. So, at 4 DPO you could have many symptoms including normal post-ovulation symptoms or early pregnancy symptoms. 

Usually, progesterone is at its peak around 6 DPO. Progesterone gets your uterine wall ready for a pregnancy. Your uterine lining must be thick enough for implantation to occur. 

Implantation occurs when the baby enters your uterine wall and attaches itself there for the next 9 months. This usually occurs between 6 DPO and 12 DPO. So, by 4 DPO, your embryo most likely has not implanted yet. 

Once implantation occurs, your embryo begins to release the pregnancy hormone, HCG, and progesterone will increase even more. So, at 4 days past ovulation, you would not have any HCG in your system yet.

If you want to know how to differentiate between early pregnancy symptoms and premenstrual symptoms, you can tell by the extremity of the symptoms. Early pregnancy symptoms are usually much worse than normal premenstrual symptoms

What are the pregnancy symptoms at 4 DPO?

Usually, at 4 DPO, you may not feel any pregnancy symptoms, but if you do, you can have nausea, implantation cramps, breast tenderness, bloating, and fatigue.

These symptoms could simply be causes by a normal increase in progesterone and not pregnancy. Here are more details about each symptom. 

Keep in mind, you may feel these symptoms after 4 DPO too if you are pregnant.

Nausea at 4 DPO

Nausea is one of the main symptoms of early pregnancy, and if you feel nauseous at 4 DPO, that is very rare. During early pregnancy, nausea is caused by a shift in hormonal levels and an increase in HCG. However, at 4 DPO, conception and fertilization had just occurred.

So, it is way too early for nausea to be felt. But, if you do feel nauseous, you may feel hungry but disgusted by food. You may feel dizzy when thinking about food, and you may hate food the you usually like. 

Having a mettalic taste in tour mouth is also a common symptom of early pregnancy. It could worsen the feeling on nausea.

You should eat small meals frequently to try to decrease vomiting and nausea. You could also keep chewing gum.

Implantation Cramps at 4 DPO

Implantation usually occurs after 6 DPO. However, if it does occur at 4 DPO, you may feel implantation cramping. 

Implantation cramping is cramping that occurs when the embryo attaches itself to the uterus. It feel like twitches and may be accompanied by implantation bleeding. It shouldn’t be painful.

However, if you have calculated your ovulation day wrong by a few days, the cramps you may be feeling is ovulation cramps

Progesterone alone can cause cramping too. An increase in progesterone causes your digestive system to slow down and this may cause gas, cramping, and constipation. 

Therefore, at 4 days past ovulation, you would most likely feel cramping due to ovulation or an increase in progesterone. However, it still could be an early pregnancy symptom. 

Breast & Nipple Sensitivity at 4 DPO

Breast and nipple sensitivity is one of the most common early pregnancy symptom. Pregnant women feel it from the very beginning of pregnancy. Once implantation occurs, your brain automatically tells your breasts to make the food that will keep your baby alive for the first two years of its life. 

Making milk is not an easy task. So, hormone shift and the milk ducts begin to expand. This can cause sensitivity and tenderness. You can manage the symptom by wearing baggier clothes and skipping the bra. 

However, breast tenderness is also a premenstrual symptom. Many women feel breast sensitivity right before their period. However, during early pregnancy, breast tenderness seems to be much more than the usual. 

If you usually don’t feel anything right before your period and begin to feel breast tenderness, you should take a pregnancy test. 

If the pain is unbearable, I recommend seeing a doctor. It could be something else. 


Bloating at 4 DPO could also be a early pregnancy symptom. An increase in progesterone causes bloating by slowing the digestive system as mentioned before. 

It is important to keep in mind, bloating could be causes by ovulation too. It is actually a common ovulation symptom that can be managed. Estrogen can also cause water retention which causes bloating. 

Try different ovulation symptom remedies. If they work, the bloat you feel is most likely not an early pregnancy symptom. 

Fatigue 4 DPO

Right after pregnancy, progesterone increases causing you to feel horrible symptoms like fatigue. Fatigue at 4 DPO is possible, and you should listen to your body and nap whenever you think you should. 

Many pregnant women complain about fatigue during early pregnancy. You are producing more blood to help provide nutrients to your growing baby. Your blood pressure may drop which causes dizziness and fatigue.  

However, fatigue could be a symptom of horrible diseases and illnesses. It is important to visit a doctor if you feel tired.

What if I have no symptoms at 4 days past ovulation?

symptoms at 4 dpo

Most pregnant women begin to feel pregnancy symptoms at 6 weeks of pregnancy. It is impossible to feel pregnancy symptoms before implantation occurs, and implantation occurs after 6 DPO.

So, the chance of any pregnant women to feel symptoms at 4 DPO is rare. If you have no symptoms at 4 DPO, it is still highly possible for you to be pregnant.

You should not even try to read symptoms until after you miss your period. You could get disappointed for no reason.

When should you test for pregnancy?

You should test for pregnancy the day you miss your period or after it. The percentage of getting a positive pregnancy test on 15 DPO, one day after you expect your period, if your pregnant is 100 percent. 

You should not take a pregnancy test at 4 DPO. It is highly likely, you would get a false negative. You probably did not even start producing the pregnancy hormone, HCG.

A pregnancy test works by measuring the amount of HCG in blood or urine. If it is below 5 MIU/ML, you are not pregnant. If it is over 25, you are pregnant. When it is between 5 and 25, you may or may not be pregnant. 

But, if you do still want to test, I recommend using a first response pregnancy test. They can detect pregnancies very early on. Their sensitivity level is 5 MIU/ml. That is very low. 

If you are not 100 percent sure when you ovulated, you could take a pregnancy test. If you get a negative, wait a week and retest.

What does it mean to get big fat positive at 4 DPO?

If you get a BFP at 4 DPO, you are extremely lucky. You may have calculated your ovulation day wrong and may be farther along in the pregnancy than you think. 

I recommend retesting in 48 hrs to confirm the pregnancy. It is a good sign when the pregnancy test line gets darker. 

However, keep in mind, that the likelihood of getting a BFP at 4 DPO is low. And if you see a second line, it is probably an evaporation line

Can you get BFN at 4 DPO and be pregnant?

symptoms at 4 dpo

Yes, you can get a big fat negative at 4 days past ovulation and still be pregnant. You most likely will get a negative at 4 DPO. Most pregnant women do. 

Consider testing when you are about to get your period. That chance of getting a false negative later on in the cycle is less likely. 

If you want to test, I recommend not testing before 8 DPO. The chance of getting a false negative is still high at 8 DPO but it is much less likely than at 4 DPO. 

If you do get a BFN and still think you are pregnant, I recommend treating you body as if it is pregnant. Quit smoking and alcohol until you are definitely sure you are not pregnant. 

The only time you can definitely know you are not pregnant is when you get your period. But it is important to keep in mind, that at 4 DPO, you are pregnant. However, the baby is still moving down your fallopian tubes. 

In Conclusion

You could feel early pregnancy symptoms at 4 DPO, but it is very unlikely. If you do feel symptoms, you could be just feeling ovulation symptoms. 

Some 4 DPO pregnancy symptoms include nausea, cramping, bloating, fatigue and breast tenderness. You should not take a pregnancy test at 4 DPO unless you do not know how many past past ovulation you are. 

If you do choose to take. a pregnancy test, I recommend taking a first response pregnancy test. They are highly sensitive. 

Feel free to leave a comment below mentioning your 4 DPO symptoms. I will give you my opinion on the matter. Remember, the only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

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