Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream

Do you have stretch marks, or are you afraid that you will have some soon. When I was in my 20s and was thinking about having my first baby, I loved the thought of it but one thing scared me. I didn’t want to get stretch marks on my stomach. I ignored this fear, and got pregnant. Surprisingly, I only gained about 18 pounds. But, I still got stretch marks. They were everyone. I had some on my tummy, my chest and my thighs. They stayed there for a few months postpartum and then I decided I was going to find something to make them disappear. I luckily found Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream on Amazon, and I decided to try it after reading about 4000 reviews. If you are interested, keep reading for my personal review on Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream.

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Stretch Mark Vanishing Cream Review

I have used this cream for two weeks now. Here is what I noticed changed each day.

Day 1: My stretch marks didn’t itch for the first time.

Day 2: No itchiness, but my stretch marks were still very red.

Day 3: There is still no change. I felt a bit disappointed.

Day 4: I didn’t apply any.

Day 5: Itchiness hasn’t returned. Applied a big amount.

Day 6: I feel like the stretch are not bright red anymore. They are red, but not like before.

Day 7: The stretch marks are bit lighter.

Day 8: The stretch marks still look like the day before.

Day 9: The stretch marks are more pink than red now.

Day 10: They are lighter.

Day 11: No difference than the day before. I applied a lot on Day 11.

Day 12: The stretch marks are light pink.

Day 13: The stretch marks are still light pink.

Day 14: The stretch marks are still light pink, but are harder to see now.

Day 15: The stretch marks are becoming more skin color.

Day 16: I applied a lot. The stretch marks are much harder to see.

Day 17: The stretch marks are skin color.

I am planning to use it for another month. I feel great about myself, but I am just continuing it to see if they will disappear completely.

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