Signs of Period vs Pregnancy

signs of period vs pregnancy

Are you wondering whether you are pregnant or not? If you are, you have come to the right place. Signs of period vs pregnancy are very similar to one another and you can get confused between the two. But, in this post I will help you differentiate between the two. Waiting to know if you are pregnant or not in the two week wait is the worst! So, no need to wait anymore, use this guide to help you know if you are pregnant or should you expect your period. Here are the top signs and symptoms from an experience mom of two.

In this post, the following will be discussed.

  • Signs of Period Approaching
  • Signs of Pregnancy
  • Signs That Could Indicate Both Period Or Pregnancy

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signs of period vs pregnancy

Signs of Period VS Pregnancy

Signs Of Period Approaching

  • Acne

Before you get your period, two hormones called progesterone and estrogen decrease in levels right before it starts. This causes glands to release an oily substance. If this oily substance accumulates in the pores, it causes acne. Aso, you body will start to cause skin inflamation and release bacteria that causes acne. This should not happen if you are pregnant, because those hormones progesterone and estrogen don’t decrease.

  • Increase In Appetite

You remember the hormones progesterone and estrogen that we just talked about. Well, they are responsible for an increase in appetite. When they fluctuate, they cause the body to crave carbohydrates and sugar. That is why you see many women crave chocolate right before their period. This does not happen to pregnant women.

  • Breast Tenderness and Pain

Right before you period, because of the hormone progesterone you feel that your breasts are highly sensitive and tender, and you may even feel pain. This does not last long and it is usually goes away gradually as your period starts.

  • Fatigue

Exhaustion is common when your period is approaching. Just remember that it should be gone once your period starts.

  • Cramping

If you have cramping that is very painful and very similar to what you feel when you usually have your period, then it is likely a sign that you are about to get your period.

signs of period vs pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

If you are experierencing a missed period, tender breasts, fatigue and/or nausea, you should take a home pregnancy test.

  • Light Bleeding

Light bleeding during the days right before you expect your period could indicate you are pregnant. This is called implantation bleeding, and it happens to one out of three women. This means that if you are not bleeding you could still be pregnant. Implantation bleeding is bleeding that is light and pink or brown in color. It occurs when an embryo implants itself in the uterus. It can last for a few hours or a few days. This is not like period bleeding. Period bleeding is red in color and very heavy compares to this.

  • Increased Emotions

Your emotions increase when you are pregnant from the beginning of the pregnancy to the end. You may start to cry for no reason or be so excited the next. Just tell your partner you will be quite dramatic for the next 9 months.

  • Nausea

Can you believe that I felt nausea at 3 weeks pregnant. Yes, it is true and that is how I found out I was pregnant very early on. Nausea begins when the HCG hormone starts to increase in your body. The HCG hormone begins increasing once the embryo implants itself in the uterus. Most women feel nausea or morning sickness (does not only occur in the morning) at 6 weeks, but some may feel it earlier or later in life.

  • Implantation Cramps

During implantation which is the process of the embryo entering the uterus lining, you may feel weird fields on one side or in the middle of your uterus. It could be pinches or a little bit of cramping. It should not hurt too much and should last from a few minutes to a two days. I personally felt implantation during all three of my pregnancies. They occured right before my period was due and felt like something was pinching me for two hours. During the first pregnancy, it kept coming and going for one whole day. Implantation cramps can be accompanied with implantation bleeding, but this did not happen with any of my pregnancies.

  • Cramping

If youa re having lighter cramps than usual, you may be pregnant. Some women during early pregnancy can feel some cramping, but it shouldn’t be as painful as period cramps.

  • Missed Period

If your period does not show up when it is suppose to (usually 14 days after ovulation day), then you may be pregnant. It is best to take a pregnancy test after you miss your period. Click here to see my favorite pregnancy tests that can pick up very low amounts of HCG (6 days before period is due). 

If your period is late and you doubt you are pregnant, there could be other reasons why you have missed your period. Hormonal problems could lead to a missed period or a change in weight. Many people who start dieting and exercising lose too much weight too quickly and that could mess up your menstraul cycle.  

Signs That Could Indicate Both Period Or Pregnancy

signs of period vs pregnancy

  • Headaches

Because of progesterone and estrogen, you may get headaches when your period starts approaching or if you are in very early pregnancy. 

  • Back Pain

During your menstraul cycle, your body release prostaglandins which is responsible for making the uterus contract. This can cause low back pain and back cramps. Also, during pregnancy, hormonal changes and stress cause back pain too. 

  • Constipation

A few days before your period begins, progesterone peaks. Also, if you are pregnant your progesterone will keep increasing. Progesterone cause things to move slowly in the digestive system. This causes constipation. 

In Conclusion Signs of Period VS Pregnancy

Some symptoms of pregnancy and period are very similar to one another, but there are much more that cqan help you differentiate between the two. Honestly, I knew I was pregnant when I felt cramping about seven days after ovulation. I took a pregnancy test the day after and it came out positive. I hope you can trust your body and take the extra step to take a pregnancy test. If your test turned positive, click here to start your registry. It is never too early to do so. It is free and it is fun!

For more information watch this video “Implantation Bleeding and Early Pregnancy Symtpoms” (Signs of Period VS Pregnancy) [5 min 44 sec]


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