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My Educational Toddler Routine (1-2 Years Old)

My son was always driving me crazy. He would run around, throw things on the floor, throw tantrums for no reason, and purposely try to upset me. Consequently, I would end up crying every single day, and I knew I was doing something wrong. There was nothing wrong with my toddler. He is a baby with a lot of energy trying to communicate. I needed to do something, and that is when I decided to make my educational toddler routine.

Why was I doing wrong? 

After a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that I was creating a chaotic environment for my son. I had no set schedule. My son didn’t know what to expect next, and he was out of control because of that. After I MADE my educational toddler routine which I took weeks trying to make, I noticed how my son changed. It was sad for me to realize I was the blame for my son’s outbursts. But again, everyone makes mistakes so I am not going to be too hard on myself.

What Is the Importance of Routines?

Routines help toddlers learn how to control themselves. When they feel that everything around them is in order and their parents will take care of their needs, they feel relaxed and calm. 

Is There One Set of Routine All Toddlers Should Follow?

No, there are many routines available online. You must understand what you want to include in your child’s life and base the routines according to your own life. For example, I was a child care teacher right before I became a stay at home mom. I believe through experience that education is very important for children. Therefore, I created a routine that not only includes feedings, nap and play but also educational one-to-one sittings. If you feel that education should be a part of your routine, then I truly believe the toddler routine I have created for my son would probably work for you too. Make sure you change it and make it fit into your own lives.

My Educational Toddler Routine

8:00 am Wake Up Time

My son wakes up and calls me from his room. I give him a sippy cup with milk. I keep him in the crib. Then I take a 10-minute shower and get dressed. 

8:30 am Breakfast Time

I prepare breakfast as my son watches and hears educational songs until I am done. He eats breakfast while doing his daily educational morning worksheet. Click here for my free Morning Worksheets

9:00 am Clean Up Breakfast

I let my son help me with this. Fortunately, he is able to help me with the dishes by placing them in the dishwasher. Also, I give him the laundry to place in the washer machine and I do a fast sweep.

9:30 am Circle Time and First Activity

We have circle time together in his room. Then I have an activity prepared for him to do right after. During this activity, I stay sitting and interact with him.

10:00 am Individual Play

I give my son certain toys to play with alone. I supervise him, but I do not interact with him unless he seems frustrated. 

10:30 am Prepare for Outdoor Time

We clean his room together (He doesn’t really clean. He pretty much stares at me.) I change his diaper and get him dressed. If it is sunny outside, we just walk outside together. If it is raining, I take him grocery shopping or to the Dollar Tree to pick a toy. It is very important that you leave your house every day. It will calm both of you down. 

11:30 am Quiet Time

I pick a few books to read to him and introduce some flashcards. Also, I try to help him with his speech. 

12:00 pm Mommy Time

I give my son to my husband. Either they play together or do whatever. During this time, I either prepare lunch if I need to, relax, or work on my blog. Either way, I decide what to do during this time. 

1:00 pm Lunch Time 

We sit down as a family and eat. We clean up afterward together. 

2:00 pm Nap Time

This is my favorite time of the day! I drink coffee and work on my blog.

4:00 pm Wake Up Time and Snacks

I don’t let my son sleep for more than two hours. It makes nap time easier. At 4 pm, I pick him up from his crib and place him on my bed, and I try to wake him up slowly. We read a book together and do quiet activities like copycat. I also provide him with a snack.

5:00 pm Moving Around Time

 We go to his room, and I play a few songs like hop bunnies. He jumps and dances with me.

5:30 pm Activity and Begin Dinner Preparation

I provide him with another activity to do, and I begin preparing dinner.

6:00 pm Continue Daddy Time and Dinner 

My son plays with dad. I continue preparing dinner, and we eat.

7:00 pm Bath Time

I give my son a bath. Also, I provide him with toys and he plays in the bathtub for more than half an hour. I stay in the bathroom at all times. Usually, I take my laptop and work on my blog in the bathroom. 

8:00 pm Family Time

We all sit together and watch a movie or play with my son.

8:30 pm to 9 pm Nighty Night

Time for my son to sleep.

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Marjie Mare
Marjie Mare
3 years ago

Having a routine is the right way to go. I will share this post with my sister.

Fatima T
3 years ago

Routines are everything when they’re young. Reminds me of our kids when they were this age.

3 years ago

This is such a great schedule. Kids definitely thrive when there’s structure to their day.

3 years ago

Kids definitely thrive on routines. It sounds like you have a wonderful daily schedule in place!

3 years ago

Yes, I love this routine. I struggled to keep a routine. I love this one.

3 years ago

Wow this is such a well- balanced routine. I wish I could follow things that way. I am terrible with routines. I so agree with you about going outside and how it helps calm everyone

3 years ago

Routines are so important for kids. It gives them the consistency they need. Thanks for that little reminder.

Len Swegart
3 years ago

Kids function better with a solid routine and schedule. They know what to expect which makes them feel somewhat “in control” of things. Helps with their circadian rhythm too.

Amber S Battishill
3 years ago

A routine was so beneficial with my kiddos when they were young. We still are pretty routine driven and I think it helps a ton!

3 years ago

Having a routine is so important for kids.

patricia @ Grab a plate

Great that you can keep this routine with your little one!

3 years ago

You totally are doing it right!! routine is so important to matter what age

3 years ago

You are so organized! I bet it helps you and your son a lot

Laura Allen
3 years ago

It’s so important to have a solid routine with children! An educational routine is even better! This is awesome!!

3 years ago

Routines are so important to kids! I just became a SAHM this year and the first thing I did was come up with a schedule!