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Most Creative Pregnancy Announcements

You have finally gotten your big fat Positive, have seen your precious baby, and are ready to celebrate with your loved ones. How should you announce it? I have been pregnant 3 times, and each time I announced the pregnancy differently. I regretted my first pregnancy announcement because I just called them and told them the news. It wasn’t that exciting, to be honest. Trust me you will regret it if you do what I did. So let’s get to it! Below are the 20 most creative pregnancy announcements.

Before announcing your pregnancy, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • When do you want to announce it?

It is very exciting to announce your pregnancy, but try to think about when you want to do it. Miscarriage rates decrease after 12 weeks. Would you like to wait until then to announce your pregnancy, or would you like to do it beforehand and don’t mind if others know if you have a miscarriage? Always be prepared for the best and worst scenarios before making decisions. 

  • Do you only want certain people to know?

Sometimes people only want certain members of their loved ones to know. If that is the case, avoid announcing it on social media. Also, you may decide to tell some before others. I told my husband the day after I found out, and my loved ones at 8 weeks of pregnancy. 

  • Is it your first pregnancy? 

I have been pregnant 3 times, and all three times I did something different. I used my first child to announce my second pregnancy; however, my second pregnancy, unfortunately, ended in a miscarriage.  

  • Who are you announcing your pregnancy to?

Are you planning a surprise for your whole family, are you planning to surprise your partner or both? 

10 Most Creative Pregnancy Announcements for Partner

  • A Gift

Tell your partner that you found something you think he would like, and you are going to buy it for him today. Hide a pregnancy test in a shopping bag or a watch case and wrap it up. 

  • Hide A Toy Baby In His Food

Make his favorite food and tell him there is something in there so be careful while eating. Wait for his reaction when he finds the baby.

  • Make A Note

Leave a pregnancy test and a note next to something he uses every day. Make sure the note is personal and romantic.

  • Baby Clothes

Buy an outfit for your baby and put it in his closet. You can put more than one outfit in the closet, it will be more obvious.

  • Work Surprise

Send him a box of his favorite sweets with a note inside while he is at work. Trust me he’ll be home in 5 minutes afterward 🙂

  • Photoshoot

Take him on a fun photoshoot and make him close his eyes holding posters that claim you are pregnant. Make sure he doesn’t see those posters until the pictures are done. 

  • Cake

 Write the news on a cake. 

  • Cookies

Write the due date on cookies. Wait until he guesses what that date is.

  • Lunch Bag

Make him lunch for work and leave a note in the bag. 

  • Siblings

If this is not your first pregnancy, dress your children in onesies with special notes written on them, or let them hold a poster board with a unique message. This can be used to announce to families too. 

10 Most Creative Pregnancy Announcements for Your Family or Partner

  • Scavenger Hunt

Make unique fun cards to encourage your family to go on a scavenger hunt. The last clue will lead to the pregnancy test. 

  • Creative Photo

Announce your pregnancy to your family with a creative photo. The photo can be funny, can include you, your partner, siblings,  your future baby, and your pets. 

  • Dinner

Make dinner and invite everyone you want to tell. Announce the news when they least expect it. This is how I announced my third pregnancy. Everyone was in total shock.

  • Social Media

You can post a photoshoot or riddles on Facebook or Instagram suggesting you are pregnant. I wonder how many comments are going to be on that post.

  • Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

Have fun doing the puzzle with family members. I wonder how they will react once the puzzle is completed. You can even create your own puzzle. Amazon sells white pre-cut puzzles you can write on. 

  • T-shirts and Onesies

Amazon sells many t-shirts and onesies that have customized pregnancy announcements on them. 

  • Customized Labels

You can make labels and post them on wine bottles.

  • M&Ms

You can order M &Ms with personalized messages written on them.

  •  Cups

You can customize messages on mugs. Some only reveal the messages once you pour something hot in it. 

  • Onesies

Special messages can be written on onesies too. 

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