Mobile Accessories For iPhone 13 Series That Will Make Every Mom’s Life Easier

There’s no denying how busy a mother’s life can be. While it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, it can also be one of the most difficult. As moms, we understand how important it is for you to make life as easy as possible to be able to give the best for your kids. Check out the following list of mobile accessories that will make your daily tasks somewhat simpler and more stress-free.

5th Ave Wallet Case

Out for errands or traveling? If you’re looking for one place to neatly store your essentials like phone, cards, and some cash, this iPhone 13 Wallet Case is for you. Below are the reasons why:

  • Convenience

Say goodbye to heavy and bulky purses. With this fantastic phone wallet case, you can have your five most important cards, money, and phone safe and within easy access everytime you need them. Now you won’t forget any essentials when you leave your home because they’re all stored in one convenient place. Even better, there is a detachable magnetic phone case inside, just in case you’d want to separate your items from your phone.

  • Protection

Featuring RFID and EMF technology, this 5th Ave wallet phone case will keep your card’s information from being stolen. With its durable stitching and 10-feet drop protection, it will also protect your phone and cards from being damaged themselves. Now you won’t have to worry about your baby or toddler dropping your phone!

  • Easy Charging

Make charging your iPhone 13 hassle-free. This wallet case is compatible with both wireless and MagSafe chargers, meeting your charging needs.

  • Stunning Look

No matter how busy we can get, there’s no need to compromise fashion for moms like us. Made of 100% cruelty-free vegan leather, this 5th Ave wallet case will boost your style without harming the earth. It also comes in four gorgeous colors: green, black, gray, and purple. 

Screen Protectors

Protect your eyes, kids, and more. Check out Caseco’s different types of screen protectors to find what will best suit your need:

1. Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

In today’s times, we look at our phone or tablet screens almost all day. This can cause eye strain due to the blue light emitted from your device’s screen. Blue light is basically a special high energy light with a short wavelength that can harm your eyes when exposed to it for a long time.

We moms want our eyes to be in the best condition so we can watch our kids better and clearly see their lives as they grow up. The good news? Caseco offers the iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protector that can block out harmful screen rays. With this anti-blue light screen protector, you can continue on with your busy days knowing both your eyes and your phone screen are protected.

2. Antimicrobial Screen Protector

Did you know that the usual smartphone can have up to 17,000 bacteria cells on its surface? Protect your precious little ones when you touch, clean, and hug them. Germ-proof your device with the iPhone 13 Pro Antimicrobial Screen Protector. Made with an EPA-tested germ-fighting technology, this screen protector kills up to 99% of germs like Staph and E. coli. With this glass protector, you can be assured of a squeaky clean phone without sacrificing color accuracy. 

Dash & Windshield Mount

Gone are the days of physical maps because we can now use our mobile phones to navigate around the city or beyond. Same way, gone are the days of using music player gadgets in the car because we can now use our phones to play kid music and keep the little ones entertained.  The only concern is finding a place to safely put your smartphone as you drive. The wonderful solution? The iPhone 13 Mini Car Mount.

Easily attachable to your windshield or dashboard, this awesome car mount allows you to turn your phone 360° degrees while driving for optimal viewing. When it comes to security, no need to worry about your phone or mount falling off because this mount is built with strong magnets to keep the mount in a safe and durable position. 

As a universal holder, this mount is compatible not just with the iPhone 12 but also with many iOS and Android phones.

Wireless Car Charger

Having a car phone mount is definitely beneficial because we use our mobile phones in a variety of ways. But playing music and videos for the kiddos, using maps, or taking calls can take its toll on your phone’s battery. The solution? A wireless car charger!

This amazing charger is basically a phone mount that lets you charge your phone while you’re on the road. Featuring a wide range of tilt and rotation, this secure charger mount allows your phone to be put in any position. It is also universally compatible with any type of smartphone and smartphone cases.

Final Thoughts

Being the wonderful mother you are, you deserve only the best accessories that will ease your loving duties. Hopefully, this blog has given you ideas on the products you can use to keep you and your precious ones as happy as can be.

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