Make Your Mac Run Smoother – 5 Cool Tips For The Working Mom

As a hyper-busy working mum, you never wish to waste your productive hours. You don’t feel like sitting in front of your computer waiting for your apps to become responsive again. If you have experienced similar things happening on your computer, it is time to take matters into your own hands. The following section talks about a few very useful tips that will help you keep your computer running absolutely smoothly. It will also talk about a few things that you can do to make your apps start working faster and more efficiently than before. Let’s begin the discussion:

  • Disable Or Uninstall The Apps That You Don’t Use

The easiest way to free up resources on your Macbook and make it smoother than before is to delete or disable all the applications that you do not use. Chances are that several of these applications start up the moment you start your computer. You don’t want them to take up any of your RAM or suck up your battery for no reason at all. If you can uninstall them, remove them completely. If you do not have that option, disable them right away. If you don’t have either of these options, it is better to disable those apps from opening up as soon as your computer boots. Just click on the Apple icon in the menu bar. Go to your system preferences and click on Users and Groups. You will then have to select login items and look for the applications that open at startup. To prevent them from starting up on every boot, just deselect the app from the menu at the bottom. You are done.

  • Always Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Updated

It is better to install a recommended anti-virus software for your MacBook. People believe that Apple devices do not need any anti-virus software because they are built safe from the start. This is only a myth that needs to be busted. Every hardware and software system out there is going to need some protection from viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and all kinds of cyber threats. The biggest benefit of keeping your anti-virus software updated is that the cyber security threats and viruses that keep on evolving will pose little to no harm to your computer. Virus definitions keep on getting accumulated over time. When you update your antivirus software regularly, your system is aware of the threats that are looming on the internet and therefore, it can protect your data and also keep hardware integrity intact.

  • Troubleshoot The Apps You Use Regularly

There will be numerous applications on your Mac computer that you use frequently but they experience crashes and glitches that are beyond your understanding. Some of them are probably outdated. What do you do with them? Do you remove them or at least disable them for the time being? No. You find better ways of working with them. For example, there could be several native applications as well such as Apple Freeform that could be causing you a lot of trouble. You can simply click on this link: to find solutions to this software not working properly. Then there are third-party applications as well such as Adobe Photoshop, DXO Photo Lab, or any other application that you may have installed on your computer but they seem to give you a lot of trouble. Learn how to troubleshoot them by going through their tutorials on YouTube.

  • Keep Your Applications Updated

Another great way to prevent your applications from freezing and your system from crashing is to keep your applications updated. This way you can prevent them from creating any performance issues that can delay your project. The majority of these applications should be available on the app store. You just have to go to the update menu and click on the update option. You can also update your applications from the app preferences menu. The biggest reason that you would want to update all your applications is that the older versions tend to be a lot slower. They also consume more RAM and power, leaving little resources and a drained battery.

  • Say Goodbye To Unwanted Files And Folders

You might think that your folders or unwanted files that you haven’t used for a long time are not going to take up any of your resources. This is wrong because they have with them irrelevant and unnecessary cache files that take up a lot of your computer’s resources. By deleting these files and folders you will be doing yourself and your computer a huge favor.


Keeping your Macbook or Mac OS smooth and fast is not going to be difficult at all with these tips. They are meant not just for the multitasking homemaker or the single mum of two but for everyone, whether it is a team lead or a CEO. Try them and you will be surprised by the results!


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