Inito Fertility Monitor Review

Inito Fertility Monitor review

Trying to conceive can be a difficult journey for many people. Ovulation has to occur, and you must baby dance during the fertile window in order to conceive. Many women choose to use ovulation kits to detect their highest fertile days. However, according to the National Library of Medicine, 37 percent of cycles are anovulatory. That is no ovulation has taken place even with a positive ovulation test. In order to track your cycle accurately, you need a device that can detect luteinizing hormone levels, and confirm that ovulation has occurred. Fortunately, a device like that now exists. If you are interested in a review of the Inito Fertility Monitor review, keep reading.

What Is the Inito Fertility Monitor?

Inito Fertility Monitor review

The Inito fertility monitor is a device used to track a woman’s fertility. The device accurately predicts your 6 fertile days by measuring various hormone levels including estrogen, progesterone (PdG), FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone), and LH (Luteinizing hormone). LH levels along with estrogen levels help predict a woman’s fertile days, and progesterone (PdG) levels confirm ovulation. This is the only device that can accurately track hormonal levels and confirm if ovulation has actually occurred. 

The Inito starter kit includes the Inito fertility monitor, iPhone attachment clip, 15 test strips, and the Inito app which you can download for free. The Inito fertility monitor is compatible with iPhone 7 and up. 

How to Use the Inito Fertility Monitor?

In order to use the hormone tracker correctly, you must understand how to use the device and the app. 

The Device

The device comes with several ovulation test strips. You must dip the strip into your urine for 15 seconds. Then, attach the device to your phone, and insert the strip into the device. 

The App

You can download the app for free from the Apple store. After you insert the test strip into the device, download the app and wait 5 minutes for the app to accurately read your results. 

Why Is the Inito Fertility Monitor Better Than the Other Ovulation Kits?

Ovulation kits are beneficial for women with regular menstrual cycles. It may still take a few months to get pregnant when using ovulation kits, but they eventually tend to work. 

However, 25 percent of women have irregular cycles, and their hormonal levels are abnormal. Normal ovulation kits may give inaccurate results, and most women wouldn’t even know that there is something wrong. 

Ovulation kits only measure LH, and give you a 48 hr fertile window to baby dance and try to conceive. You cannot know if you have actually ovulated or not. If your cycles are irregular or if you have fertility issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome, you may get no positive result on the ovulation test or many positive results.
Inito fertility device review

The Inito fertility monitor is great for women with normal and abnormal menstrual cycles. With the Inito device, you get numerical values for all hormones (LH, Estrogen, FSH, and Progesterone (PdG). The app tells you your 6-day fertile window and if you have actually ovulated. You could also get an overall view of your fertility health, and whether you need to see a fertility specialist or not. So, does this really work?

An Accurate Review of the Inito Fertility Monitor

Unfortunately, I struggled a lot in my fertility journey. It took me two years to get pregnant. I was taking ovulation tests from the first day I decided to try to conceive. The tests would turn

positive every cycle, but I ended up not pregnant month after month. After one year of trying, I went to a fertility specialist and all my tests came back normal. They told me to continue trying naturally until it works. 

I knew if I wanted to get pregnant, I needed to research on my own and find out what is really wrong. I came across the Inito fertility monitor and read a lot about it. I’ve decided to give it a try because it wasn’t expensive, and it would save me trips going to the doctor whilst getting my hormone levels checked.

The device arrived pretty quickly. It was very easy to use. During the first month of use, I thought something was wrong because the fertility device told me that I was ovulating the day before my ovulation strips were becoming positive. During the second month, I had an ultrasound done the day after the device said I was ovulating. The doctor confirmed I have already ovulated. 

Thanks to the Inito Fertility Monitor was able to understand my cycle better and know exactly when I ovulate, which is a day before the normal ovulation strips were showing a positive result. The device was completely accurate. 

However, I was still frustrated because I still was not pregnant. I’ve decided to have an HSG, hysterosalpingogram, which is a dye x-ray used to see the inside of the uterus and the fallopian tubes.

The doctor told me one of my fallopian tubes was blocked, but the dye cleared it. So, I used the fertility device to track my cycle after having the HSG done and got pregnant the same month. I was so happy that I discovered the Inito fertility monitor before having the HSG done. I would have thought there was still something wrong with me when I was just calculating my ovulation day wrong.

I wish I had this device from the start of my journey. It would have made my fertility journey much easier. Luckily, I used the device for my second pregnancy and got pregnant the first month of trying to conceive. Thank you Inito for helping me in my fertility journey.

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