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How to Increase Count of Sperm?

Have you just received a diagnosis of low sperm count? If you have, do not worry. This post will tell you how to increase count of sperm. 

You can actually get your partner pregnant even with a diagnosis of low sperm concentration. You only need one sperm to meet with the egg.

However, a low number of sperm does decrease your chances of pregnancy because many will die off trying to get to the egg and maybe the one that gets there isn’t strong enough to continue beyond early pregnancy. A weak egg of sperm may cause chemical pregnancies

Luckily, there are so many ways to increase sperm count naturally. There are also surgical ways. Today, there are so many new reproductive technology like IUI and IVF can help people get pregnant even when the methods to increase count of sperm. 

But, the best way is to try to improve male fertility because it is affected by your overall health. Keep reading to know how to increase count of sperm.

In this post, I will discuss the following.

  • What is low sperm count?
  • Diagnosis: Sperm Count
  • Why your number of sperm matters?
  • What causes problems low count of sperm?
  • Low Count of Sperm Signs
  • Can sperm count be increased?
  • How to increase count of sperm?
  • Which nutrients are needed for male fertility?
  • How to produce healthy sperm?
  • What should I avoid?
  • What to do when treatment doesn’t work?


This post is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Also, this post mat contain. affiliate links and I may earn a small commission.

how to increase count of sperm

What is low sperm count?

Firstly, low sperm count is a count just below 15 million sperm/ml found in each ejaculation or a count of 39million sperm or under per the entire ejaculation. It is one of the most common fertility issues found in males. The semen should be 1.5 to 5 ml in volume.

The scientific name for low sperm count is oligospermia OR oligozoospermia. Oligospermia is a Greek word that means a little of sperm.

There is another term, azoospermia, which means no sperm at all.

Sperm health not only depends on count or number of sperm but also the quality of sperm. The motility and the morphology of the sperm are very important. Healthy motile sperm are sperm that move straight with a speed of 25 micrometers per second. Sperm with healthy morphology has an oval head, a mid-section that is intact, and a tail that is not coiled.

Diagnosis: Low Sperm Concentration

Doctors diagnose low sperm count by a certain test called a semen analysis. A semen analysis counts the number of sperm you have per ml, the motility of the sperm, and its morphology.

You can give a semen sample by masturbating at the doctor’s office or you can collect it at home and bring it in.

The sample is looked at from under the microscope. They count the amount of sperm seen on the grid pattern. Today, a lot of center use computers to analyze the sample. 

Sometimes, samples can be read incorrectly and therefore, the result is wrong. 

If you get a low sperm count result, and it is accurate, you should retest in 3 months. Any good changes you do to help increase sperm count will take three months to show because new sperm forms every 42 to 76 days. 

Why your number of sperm matters?

The ability for sperm to reach the ovary is very difficult. There are so many obstacles. However, for a pregnancy to actually happen, you only need one sperm.

But, that one sperm would most likely not reach the egg. That is why you need a huge amount of sperms to increase the chances of one sperm reaching the egg.

It is possible to get pregnant with low sperm count, but the chances is lower than normal.

What causes problems low count of sperm?

There are so many causes for low sperm count including environmental, medical and lifestyle factors. Here are some more details about each.

Environmental causes for low sperm concentration.

  • Heat

Heat affects the production of sperm negatively. Wear boxers instead of briefs, and avoid hot tubs and saunas.

  • Chemicals

Chemicals causes low sperm count. So, if you work around chemicals, take precautions.

  • Metals

Lead and other types of metals cause male infertility.

  • Radiation

Radiation lowers sperm concentration. It could be permanently lost. Sometimes, sperm production comes back after a long period of time.

Medical causes for low sperm concentration. 

  • Varicocele

It is an enlarged vein that can be found in the testicles. varicoceles could cause temperature shifts, and therefore prohibit the production of sperm.

  • Infections

Infections like STDs, epididymitis, and orchitis can stop the production of sperm, and some can cause permanent damage.

  • Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation occurs when ejaculation goes into the bladder rather than outside.

  • Medication

Medications like alpha blockers can permanently damage sperm production.

  • Anti-sperm Antibodies

Some people have anti-sperm antibodies that attack sperm cells.

  • Hormone Imbalances

Hormone imbalances can cause abnormal sperm production.

  • Undescended Testicles

Undescended testicles even if fixed can lower sperm count.

  • Celiac Disease

This disorder can cause male infertility. It affects the digestive system.

  • Klinefelter’s syndrome

This is a genetic disease, and causes people to have abnormal reproductive systems.

  • Cancer

Tumors can cause hormonal imbalances and the treatment for cancer can cause male infertility.

  • Defects of tubules

Any problem whether from trauma or birth in the tubules can cause a blockage which would affect sperm count.

Lifestyle causes for low sperm sperm concentration.

  • Obesity

Weight negatively affects the production of sperm.

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

All these negatively affect sperm numbers.

  • Stress and Depression

Stress and depression can cause low sperm count because they affect hormone levels.

Low Count of Sperm Signs

Having low sperm concentration can show some signs. The main sign is the inability to get your partner pregnant.

Other signs include a lump in the testicles, lack of male features like body hair growth, and problems in sexual intercourse like the inability to keep an erection.

Can sperm count be increased?

Yes, you can increase sperm count by doing various things and eating better. Many people opt for natural ways to increase sperm count.

However, sometimes sperm count cannot be increased without surgery. You need to find out why you have low sperm count and what methods can increase it.

Sometimes, no matter what is done sperm count cannot be increased.

How to increase count of sperm?

how to increase count of sperm

There are a number of ways to increase count of sperm, but it really depends on the cause of low sperm count. Here are some ways to increase count of sperm.

Increase Count of Sperm by taking D-Aspartic Acid Supplements.

D-Aspartic Acid can be taken as supplements . Infertile men have lower levels of D-Aspartic Acid. By taking these supplements, the male hormone, testosterone, drastically increases which causes an increase in sperm count.

Exercise all the time.

Yes, exercise plays a huge role in male production. Weight lifting is great for sperm production. Testosterone increases with more physical movement.

Get more vitamin C & D

Vitamin C is great for the immune system and attacking oxidative stress which affects male fertility. Vitamin D is so important male fertility. By taking vitamin D supplements, your fertility can drastically increase.

Increase count of sperm by reducing stress.

By doing stress release activities and avoiding getting depressed, sperm number can increase. Research proves it.

Get some maca root.

Maca root is used to increase libido and male fertility. It also increases female fertility. Some research proves that maca root does not have an affect on hormone levels.

Lose weight.

Too much weight or obesity causes infertility. Losing weight can bring back healthy fertility.

Increase zinc intake.

Zinc cause male infertility and bad sperm healthy.

Take Fenugreek

Fenugreek supports the loss of weight and the production of sperm.

Increase sperm concentration by eating walnuts.

Walnuts are antioxidants which is great for fertility.

Increase folate.

Not enough folate causes low sperm count. You can boost sperm count by taking folate supplements.

Which nutrients are needed for male fertility?

Male fertility is affected by your overall health. So, what you eat and how you live does influence your ability to have a child. Do achieve healthy male fertility, you need many nutrients.

You can get these nutrients by taking vitamins and by eating the right foods. Here are all the nutrients you need for male fertility.

  • Fruits and vegetables play a huge role in male fertility. Leafy greens like spinach drastically increase sperm motility and sperm concentration.
  • Legumes also increase sperm concentration and sperm motility.
  • Zinc is the most important nutrient for male infertility because it controls the amount of testosterone a man produces. So, if a man has low zinc levels, he would most likely have low sperm count.
  • Selenium and Cysteine are two key nutrients that help sperm move correctly and protect them from damage.
  • Vitamin D is important in the production of testosterone, which is vital for sperm quality and quantity.
  • Vitamin C and vitamin E are so important because they play a role in healthy sperm DNA.
  • L-arginine increases blood to the male reproductive system and sends oxygen needed for the production of sperm.
  • CoQ10 is very important for sperm motility.

How to produce healthy sperm?

There are a few things you can to increase your chances of producing healthy sperm.

  • Make sure your weight is healthy. If it isn’t, eat healthier and work out to get into the normal range.
  • Stay safe during sexual intercourse. Many STDs cause male infertility.
  • Work out because moving can help improve sperm.
  • Avoid stressful situation because stress directly affects your hormone levels.

What should I avoid?

In order to prevent low sperm count, you should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, heavy metals, chemical toxins, drugs, heat and stress.

Also, some other factors play a role in causing unhealthy sperm count. You need to talk to your doctor about medications or other concerns that can cause low sperm count.

Try not to be stressed too much or depressed. Both play a role in male infertility.

What to do when treatment doesn’t work?

how to increase count of sperm

If you have been eating healthy and working out and still are not pregnant for one year of having unprotected sex, you should see a doctor. Doctors can help increase your sperm count in different ways.

Keep in mind, even if your number of sperms has not increased, doctors may suggest IUI and IVF for pregnancy.

You do not need to wait a year to see a doctor. Also, if you have other symptoms like a lump or pain in pelvic area, a doctor could check you earlier.

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