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How Early Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms?

How Early Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms

You might be wondering how early can you feel early pregnancy symptoms. All women trying to conceive want to find out if they are pregnant as early as possible. 

Though it is recommended that you wait for two whole weeks, you could feel symptoms before the two-week wait is over. However, pregnancy tests are the only things that can confirm pregnancies. 

Luckily, some pregnancy tests today are so sensitive that they can detect pregnancy from a few days after conception. You no longer need to wait for a doctor to confirm a pregnancy. 

If you do not want to take a pregnancy test are are relying on pregnancy symptoms, your body can hint a pregnancy very early on. If you are interested in know how early pregnancy symptoms can show up, keep reading.

In this post, I will discuss the following. 

  • How early can you feel pregnancy symptoms?
  • More Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
  • Are you really pregnant?
  • Why You May Be Feeling Pregnant
  • When the Pregnancy Is Unintentional: What To Do?


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How Early Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms

How early can you feel pregnancy symptoms?

Early pregnancy symptoms can be felt as early as 7 DPO, but most are not felt until a week or two after  you miss your period. 

Most pregnant women feel symptoms throughout their pregnancy, but it usually starts to show after HCG, the pregnancy hormones, build up in your system. 

Many women get confused between PMS symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms because they are so similar. If you feel symptoms before you miss your period, you are most likely experiencing PMS symptoms. 

How Early Can You Feel the Pregnancy Symptom: Nausea

Nausea is an early pregnancy symptom. Usually, pregnancy-related nausea starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it could happen as early as 9 days past ovulation. Nausea that comes right after ovulation is most likely not a pregnancy symptom. 

Nausea and vomiting are also known as morning sickness. More than half of pregnant women experience this symptom, and some experience very early on. However, if you do not have any nausea before you miss your period, there is nothing to worry about it. 

Pregnancy Test

You could take a pregnancy test and get a nearly accurate result at 12 DPO. However, I do recommend taking a First Response pregnancy test because they are the most sensitive pregnancy tests. 

If you want the best results, I recommend taking a first response at 15 DPO. That would give you a highly accurate pregnancy result. 

The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is by taking a at-home pregnancy test or going to a doctor and getting a blood pregnancy test. 

Basal Body Temperature 

How Early Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms

You can take your BBT by measuring your temperature right before getting out of bed everyday during a cycle.

Right after ovulation your temperature will rise. If the temperature stays alleviated for 18 days, that could indicate a pregnancy. 

More Early Pregnancy Symptoms 

There are so many other early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea is only one of the symptoms of pregnancy and it usually peeks around 6 weeks. Here are some more symptoms you may feel around 6 weeks of pregnancy. 

  • Vomiting
  • Implantation Cramping and Bleeding
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Acne

Are you really pregnant?

The only way to know for sure if you are really pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test at the correct time. Even if you are 100 % sure you are pregnant, you cannot confirm it without a pregnancy test. 

There are so many reasons why you may miss your period besides pregnancy and that includes stress, certain illnesses, change in diet and exercise. 

If you do feel pregnant, and it is too early to take a pregnancy test, I recommend eating a pregnancy diet and quitting smoking and alcohol until you know for sure. 

Why You May Be Feeling Pregnant

There are many reasons you may be feeling pregnant but are not, and these reasons include stress, change in diet, increased physical activity and other environment factors. 

You should know your body well. Ask yourself if you usually feel these symptoms every time after ovulation? If so, it could be simply PMS symptoms

Some symptoms you may feel when not pregnant include nausea, headaches, vomiting, cramping, mood swings, and bloating.

When the Pregnancy Is Unintentional: What To DO?

If you think you may be pregnant because you had unprotected sex, you do not need to wait for a positive pregnancy test. 

If you do not want the pregnancy, and do not want to have an abortion, you could simply take a emergency contraceptive pill. This morning pill will prevent a pregnancy from happening. 

However, you must take it as soon as possible. Sometimes, if taken late, you will still end up pregnant. 

How Early Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms

In Conclusion

You can feel early pregnancy symptoms as early as a few days after ovulation. However, chances are you, you will feel them after you miss your period.

Either way, you cannot confirm a pregnancy without a pregnancy test. So, take one if you are feeling symptoms. Symptoms are caused by HCG, the pregnancy hormone, and a pregnancy test measures the amount of HCG in your body.

So, if you are feeling pregnancy signs, the pregnancy test should be positive. Feel free to leave a comment about the early pregnancy symptoms you are feeling.

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1 year ago

Hi, if I am pregnant this would be my third child. I am so sure I am but period not due for another 5 days and testing negative. Feeling so nauseous, metalic taste in my mouth and hot flushes like you wouldn’t believe. Google tells me it’s the menopause 😀 as I am 34 I doubt it…..if not pregnant I really dont know