How Do Baby Registry Work

If you just found your pregnant, you have come to the right place. Creating a baby registry should be on your to do list because every pregnant woman needs a registry. If you are wondering how do baby registry work, you will find out soon. Many women are overwhelmed by creating baby registries because they tend to leave it for the last second and they don’t know what to put in it. But, no worries. I will explain everything about baby registries. I will simplify as much as possible, and I will include how do baby registries work and how to create a baby registry.

In this post, the following will be discussed.

-What is a baby registry?

-How do baby registry work?

-What to put in a baby registry?

-What not to put in a baby registry?

-Baby Registry Checklist

-How to create a baby registry?

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how do baby registry work

What is a baby registry?

A baby registry is a list of all the items you want and need for your child before he/she is born. It is necessary to create one if you don’t want to pay for everything you need for your baby. After adding all the items you want on it, you should share it with the people you are going to invite to your baby shower. Only the items left not purchased by your friends or family will be the items you would need to buy on your own. You can add any item on it from very expensive items to very cheap ones. It’s good to give your guests options and different prices. But, now registries like Amazon have added a new feature where more than one person can contribute to one gift. So, expensive items are not problems anymore.

You should not feel shy and add everything you want to your baby registry. If you are still deciding whether you want a registry or not, I personally recommend it. That is because it helps other know what to buy for you and it prevents having two people buy the same thing. You can get free baby products and discounts. So, why not benefit from baby registries?

How do baby registry work?

Different stores and places are the ones that create registries. You can find them online like Amazon, Babylist, Target, BuyBuy Baby, Carters, Pottery Barn Kids, Macy’s and many other places. They offer different benefits to help moms to be purchase everything they need. After you add all the items on the list, you are able to share the link with others. By providing others with this list during your baby shower, you save them the trouble of thinking what you might need or like. Once an item is bought from the registry, it is removed from it.

how do baby registry work

What to put in a baby registry?

Great question! You should put everything a baby needs in the registry. You can also put postpartum items in there too. Here is a list of what you can put and should put in your baby registry. If this is not your first baby, you do need all of these things because you may be able to use the items of your previous baby.

Furniture / Nursery Items

-Crib And/ Or Bassinet 

If you buy a bassinet, you will need a crib after a few months. So, I suggest just buying a crib from the start.

-Baby Monitor

This is a very important device. First-time parents have an excessive amount of worry when it comes to their newborn. So, having one of these will calm them down.

-Changing Table

Some say they don’t need changing tables because children grow out of them very quickly.


-Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Onesies

You will need a lot of these. But, some people will buy them without you asking for them.


You will also need many of these. They are the best when your child is very young.


Even if your child is going to be born in the summer, make sure to have a jacket or a very warm sweater because it may get chilly at night.


Add more than one sweater because babies are very messy at first.

-Swaddle Blankets

You cannot place blankets in the crib with the baby until after a year old. So, your baby should be swaddled until he/she learns how to roll over.


I hate swaddle blankets. I have never really used them. Sleepsacks are so much easier to use. So, invest in atleast one just in case swaddling is hard for you too.

-Bows and Hair Clips (Girl)

The best part of having a girl is dressing her up. So, have fun adding accessories.


Newborns head should be warm. So, invest in a few hats.


Newborns tend to scratch themselves. So, you definitely need these.


Some people say thee is no point for these because children like to take them off. But, I like them very much.

-First Baby Outfit (Go Home From Hospital In)

This is optional, but it is great for pictures.

Nursing and Feeding


I always buy a small box of formula only because I worry that nursing may not work at first.


It is always great to buy a few bottles even if you are breastfeeding.

-High Chair

I loved having a high chair so my babies can join us during family meals.

-Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a must especially if you do not want to get tired holding your baby againt yourself.

-Nursing Cover

You may have to breastfeed in public and if you are not comfortable with that, you should buy a cover.


Add in a few pacifiers. Both my babies did not accept pacifiers.

-Breast Pump

Your insurance may provide you a free one. So, call and ask.

-Breast Milk Storage Bottles Or Bags

Add many of these.

-Pumping Bra

If you want to pump with free hands, add a few of these.

-Breastfeeding Bras

If you are going to breastfeed exclusively, you need to add a few of these.


-Infant Bathtub

I personally did not invest in one of these because I just like giving them baths at first in the sink.

-Infant Towel

You can just use normal towels.

-Shampoo and Body Wash

I bought many shampoos and tested in which one I liked the best.

-Comb and Hair Brush

Some of these come in sets with nail clippers.

-Wash Cloths

Add a few of these. You can use them for so many things.

-Nail Clippers

An infant nail clipper is needed. It is scary to use an adult one on infants.


-Crib Mattress

Find a firm comfortable one.

-Mattress Waterproof Sheet

You need one of these to protect the mattress.


You can place a comfortable, pretty sheet over the waterproof sheet.

-Blanket (Don’t place in crib until after one years old)

Buy a blanket just in case you need it. But, do not place it in the crib.



-Baby Wipes

-Diaper Rash Cream

-Waterproof Changing Pads

-Diaper Pail


-Car Seat


-Baby Carrier


-Infant Tylenol


-Nasal Aspirator

-Infant Saline Drops

-Rectal Thermometer

What not to put in a baby registry?

There are some things you don’t need to add to your registry. There are some items that family and friends will buy for your baby without being on your registry. These items include teddy bears, infant shoes (they are also useless), baby outfits, infant toys and books.

There are also some items that are useless. These items include special baby detergent, a changing table (you can just buy a changing pad), and bottle sterilizer. Another item that is useless is a wipe warmer. A wipe warmer tends to dry out baby wipes. So, no need for them.

Click here to find the best baby registry.

Baby Registry Checklist

You can download an entire set of pregnancy checklists that have personally used and made. It contains 6 pages. Three checklists are available for each trimester. There is a birth plan template that you can print and fill out. There is also a baby registry checklist and a hospital bag checklist.

Click here to download it for free.

how do baby registry work

How to create a baby registry?

Creating a baby registry is quite easy. You just need to follow these steps.

1- Create an account

Some stores only accept creating registries in the store, meaning you have to go to the store and talk to someone who is in charge of creating baby registries. They will take your information and it won’t take too long. Other places accept online registries. You just go to their website and create an account and login to your registry. It is very fast.

2- Begin adding items onto the registry.

This is the part that needs work. Use the checklist I have created and look for the best products to add to your baby registry. There is no limit to the amount of items you can place on the registry. So, take your time and pick the best of the best.

3- Share it.

After finishing up the registry, share it with all your family members and friends. You can share it to anyone invited to your baby registry. This is the list they will use when they buy you and your baby a gift. Remember sometimes people will buy you things that are not on your registry. The best thing to do is to accept their gift and appreciate that they thought about your child.


I hope this helps you understand how do baby registry work. Make sure to create one; it is worth it!

If you would like to know more, watch this video “CREATE A BABY REGISTRY WITH ME (PT 1) | NEWBORN MUST HAVES 2020 | Amazon Baby Registry Checklist” [How Do Baby Registry Work] (32 minutes 29 second).


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Thanks for sharing how these work!

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Thoroughly explained on how and what’s a baby register is. I will share this info to my friends as well so they’ll know.