Hi everyone! My name is Halimeh, but you can call me Lulu. I am a mother of a beautiful but sometimes annoying toddler, and there is another one coming soon. I was a childcare teacher before quitting because my son kept getting sick. I am sure many of you can relate to that! I studied English literature and have always loved writing. 

After going through infertility for two years and getting pregnant twice naturally after so many fertility treatments, I’ve decided to start a blog and share my experiences with all of you. I was also able to help many women understand their infertility and take steps toward holding their beloved babies. My son learns faster than other children within the same age range even with a hearing impairment which thankfully has now been solved, and more importantly, I now sleep for 9 full hours! However, don’t get me wrong, my life has not always been that positive. 

Let’s go back to reality. I have locked myself in the bathroom to take a moment to breathe, have slept not wanting the next day to start many times, have found myself forgetting to eat and drink, and have gone home from the park crying more often than I can think of. As you know, going through infertility, having a toddler, and trying to stay sane at home are not that easy. However, today I am happy, refreshed, experienced, and ready to help all mothers out there to live a happier more satisfying life. If you are interested, read my blogs. They will definitely change your life!