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40 Christmas Presents Under $5 2022

According to Study Finds, people only use 43 percent of the Christmas gifts they get. Everyone wants to purchase the best Christmas presents for their loved ones. Unfortunately, the Christmas gifts they choose are sometimes influenced by money. However, most people are unaware that you can find the best Christmas gifts for under 5 bucks.

Pregnant With No Symptoms?

pregnant with no symptoms
What does it mean when you are pregnant with no symptoms? According to the National Library of Medicine, 88 percent of pregnant women experience at least one pregnancy symptom in the first trimester. Common pregnancy symptoms include breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, food cravings, heartburn, and constipation. However, a very small amount of women experience no

Do Babies Need Teethers?

Do babies need teethers
Do babies need teethers? This is a very common question among mothers. Babies can begin teething at around 4 months of age. Unfortunately, teething comes with many discomforts. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends certain types of teethers and discourages other types. If you are wondering whether babies need teethers, and which teethers are recommended,

Inito Fertility Monitor Review

Trying to conceive can be a difficult journey for many people. Ovulation has to occur, and you must baby dance during the fertile window in order to conceive. Many women choose to use ovulation kits to detect their highest fertile days. However, according to the National Library of Medicine, 37 percent of cycles are anovulatory.
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11 Mum Hacks that Will Make Mom Life Easier

Motherhood is a full-time job, and there's no manual to tell you how to do it. But a few hacks can make the job a little bit easier. Whether hiring a babysitter or asking your mother-in-law to watch the kids for an afternoon, getting some help will free up valuable time to take care of
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When Do You Start Showing During a Pregnancy?

when do you start showing during pregnancy
When do you start showing during pregnancy? It really depends on a few factors, and everyone starts showing at a different time. Also, you will definitely notice your baby bump before everyone else. If this is your first pregnancy and you are excited to see your pregnancy belly, just know that eventually your baby bump will
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Five Tips for New Moms to Prevent Burnout

Being a new mom can be an exciting experience. You get to enter a whole other phase in your life while raising your child. There is also nothing more endearing than watching them respond to your voice; lean into your touch, and fall asleep in your arms. However, this is only one side of the

6 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is indeed an overwhelming experience. The excitement and joy it brings are beyond words. However, pregnancy brings too many emotions, whether you are going to be a mother for the first time or have already gone through the process. Along with these emotions come some challenges that pregnant women need to battle. The most

5 Reasons for a False Negative Pregnancy Test

Have you just received a negative pregnancy test and still have no period? There are 5 possible reasons for a false negative pregnancy test. You could still be pregnant, or something else might be happening. Whatever the case is, a home pregnancy test can show a false negative or a false positive. Getting to know the