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Can I Take Amoxicillin While Pregnant?

Can I Take Amoxicillin While Pregnant

Unfortunately, many women get unpleasant bacterial infections during pregnancy. Usually, if the infection doesn’t go, an antibiotic is necessary. So, most pregnant women ask, “Can I take Amoxicillin while pregnant?”.

It is important to know what types of medications you can take during pregnancy. That is because certain medications cause complications during pregnancy and increase the chance of the baby having birth defects. Some birth defects cannot be treated.

Fortunately, doctors have a good idea of which medications should be prescribed to a pregnant women. By knowing this type of informations, doctors can help prevent major birth defects.

If you are interested in knowing whether Amoxicillin can be used safely during pregnancy, keep reading. 

In this post, I will discuss the following. 

  • What is Amoxicillin?
  • Can I take Amoxicillin while pregnant?
  • What If I take Amoxicillin before knowing I’m pregnant?
  • Safety Precautions


This post is for informational purposes only and it should not be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor.

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Can I Take Amoxicillin While Pregnant

What is Amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin is a type of antibiotic that can be used by both children and adults. That means it it used to kill bacterial infections and has no effect on viral infections like the flu. 

Your doctor would most likely prescribe it for chest infections like tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and infections in the ear, nose, and urinary tract. It could also be used to treat dental abscesses and stomach ulcers. 

Most children take amoxicillin for reoccurring ear infections and other infections in the chest. It comes in may forms including pills, liquid and injections. 

Amoxicillin begins to fight the bacterial infection within one hour of taking it. That is pretty fast. However, you may not feel any relief from symptoms until you have taken the antibiotic for a few days. 

You must take the entire course of medicine even if you feel better because the infection could come back. 

Unfortunately, many pregnant women get bacterial infections. And, you may know that pregnant women cannot take most medications.

However, doctors are always looking for safe alternatives for pregnant women because most bacterial infection don’t go on their own. 

Can I Take Amoxicillin While Pregnant

Can I take Amoxicillin while pregnant?

Yes, you can take Amoxicillin while pregnant if your doctor says you should. Some bacterial infections would not go away without medication. So, your doctor may prescribe Amoxicillin.

However, it is important to know that taking Amoxicillin during pregnancy has some risks. Your baby could have birth defects like Cleft Palate.  

The risk of this occurring is low, and there is unfortunately not enough data and research to confirm this. However, some studies show that it does increase the risk.

Your doctor would study your case and see if it is necessary. If they choose for you take it, you should not worry. Sometimes they prescribe a different antibiotic. 

Doctors may prescribe these antibiotics during pregnancy.

  • Amoxicillin and Ampicillin
  • Cefaclor and Cephalexin 
  • Cleocin, Clinda-Derm, and Clindagel

What If I take Amoxicillin before knowing I’m pregnant?

If you have taken Amoxicillin before knowing you’re pregnant, you should not worry. Call your doctor and inform them that you are pregnant.

They will decide what to do. They would probably tell you to either immediately stop or just finish the course of medication. Either way, you should trust your doctor,.

It is important to remember the risk of your baby getting a birth defect from Amoxicillin is ver low. So, try not to think about it. 

Research shows that the risk is still low but highest if you take Amoxicillin during the first few weeks of pregnancy specifically the first trimester

How long can I take Amoxicillin while pregnant?

According to the FDA, pregnant and breastfeeding women can take 1000 mg of Amoxicillin every 8 hours. It is considered by the FDA to be a pregnancy category B medication which means it’s generally safe to use while pregnant. 

You should take Amoxicillin for as long as your doctor recommends. There is no one answer. 

Can I Take Amoxicillin While Pregnant

Safety Precautions 

It is important to take safety precautions when taking amoxicillin when pregnant. Amoxicillin can cause harm to your baby when it circulates from your blood into the baby’s via the placenta.

Even though the risk of cleft palate and other birth defects is low, some women may have other major reactions to amoxicillin if they have an allergy to it. They could be fatal.

Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillin

Many people have allergic reactions to Amoxicillin. Rarely, you could have a severe reaction. It is important to talk to your doctor if you have an allergy. 

If you do not know if you have an allergy to Amoxicillin and begin to have symptoms like a skin rash or you cannot breathe well, stop the medication and talk to your doctor. 

Higher Risk of Cleft Palate

Did you know that the baby’s oral palate is complete by 12 weeks of gestational age. Research suggest your baby has a high risk of cleft palate if you take Amoxicillin during the first trimester. 

Some research suggests otherwise. So, the risk is pretty low. But, if you want to stay on the safe side, you could postpone taking the antibiotic until after the first trimester. 

If you do take it during the second or the third trimester, you should not worry.

Take Amoxicillin Only When Absolutely Necessary

Even though Amoxicillin is considered safe during pregnancy, if you do not need it, do not take it.  Some bacterial infections go away with natural remedies. 

If you are in your first trimester, you could try natural remedies until you reach your second trimester. If it hasn’t gone by them, you could take Amoxicillin. 

Remember, to always ask your doctor. Taking an antibiotic may be necessary if your infection is severe. The infection could be more risky than taking an antibiotic. 

It is important to keep in mind that doctors know the best method to treating different diseases. Always call them if you have any concerns especially if you are pregnant. 

In Conclusion ” Can I Take Amoxicillin While Pregnant?”

Many pregnant women ask if they can take Amoxicillin While Pregnant? The answer is yes if it is necessary and your doctor is okay with it. 

There are risks like cleft palate and birth defects, but this risk is present only during the first trimester, and it is a very low risk. 

Sometimes infections are worse than the side effects of a medication. So, your doctor would be able to make the decision. If you have any questions, ask your doctor.

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