Baby Earrings for Your Baby: How to Shop Them

Written By Aylen Smith

The internet is completely stacked with a myriad of earring designs for babies. The first thing you will realize with the baby earrings is that they are relatively smaller than earrings for an adult. This is essential since they have shorter posts because of the baby’s small ears. This also makes the earrings lightweight. Additionally, they also feature backings on the baby earrings to provide extra measures for keeping them secured.

In this post, the following will be discussed.

  • How Do Baby Earrings Differ from Adult Earrings?
  • Things to Look for When Identifying the Baby’s Earrings
  • Understanding Hypoallergenic Metals for Baby Jewelry
  • Size of the Earring

Baby Earrings for Your Baby: How to Shop Them

How Do Baby Earrings Differ from Adult Earrings?

It is essential to mention that the presumed differences benefit the babies from any potential discomfort since the adult earrings are mostly heavy. And then again, the latter have tendencies for causing scratches by the posts.

Hence, your best choice would be to maintain direct and strict supervision with any jewelry for newborns. This is especially since the small parts can form a choking hazard.

Things to Look for When Identifying the Baby’s Earrings

There’s no denying that earrings are exquisite but sensitive pieces of baby jewelry. This is why it’s exceptionally challenging to find the perfect baby earring for them. However, when exploring the options, you must consider three fundamental things to make the best decision.

  • Size – Lightweight and Petite
  • Material – Hypoallergenic is Ideal
  • Design – Screw Back Preferable

It’s time to dig deeper further to understand the importance of the deciding key factors.

Understanding Hypoallergenic Metals for Baby Jewelry

When choosing the right option for baby earrings, you must ensure that you pay enough attention to the metals used in jewelry making. This is essential since the post and base of the products sit directly on your baby’s skin. Hence you must ensure that these parts only contain hypoallergenic metals to prevent any allergic reaction.

However, most baby earring options available on the internet contain higher levels of nickel and sometimes even lead or cadmium in the post and base. You must realize that these materials will significantly cause disturbance or irritation in your baby’s skin- thereby causing the outer skin to turn red and inflamed with a painful itch.

Size of the Earring

As mentioned already, the size of your baby earrings should be ideally lightweight and not too heavy. Most designs are skillfully designed to be smaller anyway. A simple Google search will help you realize that baby earrings sizes typically range from 3mm to 4mm, as this provides an ideal fit for toddlers and babies.

Additionally, you must keep an eye on the size of the posts as well. This is essential since shorter posts on baby earrings provide greater comfort. This is one element that people often overlook when exploring earring designs for their babies and infants in general.

Ready to Shop

Now that you have realized what to look for when buying earrings for your babies and toddlers, it’s time here to wrap things up. The internet is filled with thousands of designs where you would do well by not getting overwhelmed. Please make sure to follow the factors mentioned above to maintain the safety and comfort of your baby.

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