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20 Old Fashioned Boy Names

Are you looking for old-fashioned boy names or classic boy names? If you are, you have come to the right place. I am going to be giving a list of old-fashioned boy names and vintage boy names you don’t hear anymore.

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What are vintage boy names?

Some define old-fashioned boy names as names that were popular in the 1800s. Others refer to the names mentioned in the bible or ones that were popular 100 years ago. My list will include all of these and those that are still considered cool.

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Why should I pick an old-fashioned boy names or a vintage boy name?

Some might think these names are old man names, but you should realize they are unique and have valuable meaning. History repeats itself, and many find these old man names cool and unique again. These names usually have a story behind them. One day your child can learn about the history of his name and how unique and valuable his name is.

Here is the list. Enjoy!

Classic Boy Names

Letter A

  • Abraham

Meaning: Father of Many

  • Adrian

Meaning: Man of Adria

  • Albert

Meaning: Noble or Bright

  • Ambrose 

Meaning: Immortal

  • Amos

Meaning: Borne by God

  • Angelo 

Meaning: Messenger of God

  • Archer

Meaning: Bowman

  • Archie

Meaning: Truly Brave

  • Alexander

Meaning: Defending Men

  • Arthur

Meaning: Courageous

  • Asher

Meaning: Happy

  • Atlas

Meaning: To Carry

  • Atticus

Meaning: From Attica

  • August

Meaning: To increase

  • Augustus

Meaning: Esteemed and Venerable

   Old fashioned boy names 

Letter B

  • Beau

Meaning: Handsome

  • Benedict

Meaning: Blessed 

  • Benjamin

Meaning: Favorite Son

Meaning: Strong, Brave as a Bear

  • Bradley

Meaning: Broad Mellow

Meaning: Ancient

  • Bruno

Meaning: Brown

old fashioned boy names

Letter C

  • Caleb

Meaning; Devotion to God

Meaning: Bald

  • Caspian

Meaning: Place Name

  • Cassius

Meaning: Hollow

  • Cecil

Meaning: Blind

Meaning: Free Man

Meaning: Fortress

  • Clarence

Meaning: One Who Lives Near Clare River

Meaning: Secretary, Scholar

  • Clyde

Meaning: The Keeper of  the Keys

  • Colin

Meaning: Cub

Meaning: Bold ruler; Brave

  • Cyrus

Meaning: Sun

old fashioned boy names

Letter D

  • Dennis

Meaning: Followers of Dionysius

  • Desmond

Meaning: From South Monster

  • Dewitt

Meaning: Blond

  • Donovan

Meaning: Darkened

  • Duane

Meaning: Dark

  • Dudley

Meaning: People’s Field

old fashioned boy names

Letter E

Meaning: Wealthy Spearman

Meaning: Son of Edward

  • Edward

Meaning: wealthy Guard

  • Edwin

Meaning: Wealthy Friend

  • Elias

Meaning; The Lord is God

Meaning: Yahweh is God

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  • Eli

Meaning: Uplifted

Meaning: Bravely

Meaning: All-Wise

Meaning: Universal

  • Ernest

Meaning: Battle to Death

  • Esteban

Meaning: Spanish Form of Stephan

  • Ethan

Meaning: Strong

Meaning: Brave as a Wild Boar

  • Ezekiel

Meaning: God Strengthens

Meaning: Help

Letter F

Meaning: Happy

  • Fergus

Meaning: Supreme Man

  • Finn

Meaning: Fair

  • Floyd

Meaning: Gray-Haired

  • Forrest

Meaning: Woods

Meaning: Frenchman or Free Man

  • Franklin

Meaning: Free Landholder

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

old fashioned boy names

Letter G

Meaning: Triangular Field

Meaning: Spear Rule

Meaning: Farmer

Meaning: Ruler with the Spear

  • Gideon

Meaning: Hewer

  • Gilbert

Meaning: Bright Promise

  • Grady

Meaning; Descendant of Nobility

Meaning: Watchful

Letter H

  • Hamilton

Meaning: Treeless Hill

  • Hank

Meaning: Home Ruler

  • Harley

Meaning: Long Field

Meaning: Army Ruler

  • Harry

Meaning: Home Ruler

Meaning: Battle Worthy

Meaning: Estate Ruler

  • Hudson

Meaning: Son of Hudd

  • Humphrey

Meaning: Peaceful Warrior

  • Hugo

Meaning: Intellect

Letter I

Meaning: Watchful

Meaning: Laughter

Letter J

Meaning: God is Gracious

  • Jacob

Meaning: Supplanter

Meaning: Supplanter

Meaning: Bringer of Treasure

Meaning: Pledge of Peace

Meaning: God Will Uplift

Meaning: God is Gracious

Meaning: Dove

Meaning: God Supports

  • Jude

Meaning; Praised

Letter K

Meaning: Friend of Ships

  • Keith

Meaning: Forrest

Meaning: Handsome

Meaning: Church

Letter L

Meaning: Dweller by a Pool

Meaning: from the ancient Roman town of Laurentum

Meaning: Brave Lion

  • Lorenzo

Meaning: Laurel

Meaning: Famous Warrior

  • Lucas

Meaning: Man From Lucania

  • Luther

Meaning: Army People

  • Lyle 

Meaning: The Island

Letter M

Meaning: A Disciple of Columba

  • Marco

Meaning: Warlike

Meaning: One Who Looks After Horses

  • Martin

Meaning: Of Mars

Meaning: Greatest

  • Melvin

Meaning: Council Friend

Meaning: One who is like God

Meaning: Who is like God

Meaning: Who is like God

Meaning: Soldier

Meaning: Who is like God

Meaning: Dark-skinned

  • Mortimer

Meaning: Lives Near the Sea

Meaning: Town Near the Moor

Meaning: Delivered from the Water

Meaning: Seafarer

Letter N

Meaning: New Town

Meaning: Rest, Wandering

  • Norman/Norris

Meaning: Northerner

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Letter O

  • Odell

Meaning: Woad Hill

Meaning: Olive Tree

Meaning: Friend of Deer

Meaning: Gold Town

Meaning: He Has the Sound of God

Meaning: Wealth

Meaning: Young Warrior, Well-Born 

Letter P

Meaning: Stone

Meaning: Horse Lover

Meaning: Priest’s Meadow

  • Preston

Meaning: Priest’s Town

Letter Q

  • Quentin

Meaning: Fifth

Letter R

Meaning: Wise Army

Meaning: Wolf Counsel

Meaning: Shield

Meaning: Trusted Advisor

  • Reginald

Meaning: Ruler’s Advisor

Meaning: Behold, a son

  • Rex

Meaning; King

Meaning: Advice

  • Ricardo

Meaning: Brave Ruler

Meaning: Bright Fame

Meaning: Island Near the Clearing

Meaning: Renowned Land

Meaning: Son

Meaning: Little Red

Letter S

Meaning: Sun

Meaning: Name of God

Meaning: Prayed For

  • Sheldon

Meaning: Steep Valley

Meaning: Shearer of Woolen Cloth

Meaning: Victorious Protection

Meaning: Man of the Forest

Meaning: He Has Heard

  • Soloman

Meaning: Peace

  • Sonny

Meaning: Son

Meaning: Dispenser of Provisions

Meaning: Stoney Meadow

Meaning: Dark Eyed

Letter T

Meaning: Clan Chieftain

Meaning: Gift of God

  • Theron

Meaning: Hunter

Meaning: Twin

Meaning: Honoring God

  • Tobias

Meaning: God Is Good

Meaning: Priceless One

  • Trenton

Meaning: Trent’s Town

  • Trevor

Meaning; Large Settlement

Meaning: Descendant of Foot Soldier

Letter V

Meaning: Little

  • Vernon

Meaning: Alder Grover

Meaning: Champion

Meaning: Conquer

Letter W

Meaning: To Rule

  • Wallace

Meaning: Welshman

  • Walter

Meaning: Commander of the Army

Meaning: Game Preserve

  • Watson

Meaning: Son of Walter

Meaning: Worthy Warrior

Meaning: White Man

  • Wilbur

Meaning: Trusted

Meaning: From Wylye

Meaning: A Contraction of Wilkins

Meaning: A Willing Protector

Meaning: Son of Will

Meaning: Place by a Stream

Meaning: Riverbank With a Winch

Meaning: Friend’s Hill or Burial Mound

  • Winston

Meaning: Joyful Stone

Meaning: Brave in Battle

Letter Z

Meaning: The Lord Recalled

Please leave your favorite old-fashioned boy names in the comments below. 

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3 years ago

Love all these! I have two girls but if I had a boy I might pick Bradley 🙂

3 years ago

You provide me plenty of ideas! Many of them are cute and lovely. Great resources.

3 years ago

We struggled with naming our second little guy and ended up with a name on this list. Both of our kids have old-fashioned names. I love them. Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

So many great names on this list.

Sonia Seivwright
3 years ago

Troy is a really nice name.

3 years ago

this is sure to be a wonderful resource for new and expecting parents.. i love finding out the meanings behind names

Ceci Rey
3 years ago

I love these! All my daughters names have meaning too! 🏨🍕👓

3 years ago

So many cute names!

Deb B.
3 years ago

I was so excited to see all three of my sons names on this list. I am a huge fan of classic old names. It’s so cute to see a vintage boy name on a little kiddo. So cute! What a great list! Will definitely be sending this post to my friends who are expecting!

India Story
India Story
3 years ago

These are too cute and stylish

3 years ago

Love the names ❤

3 years ago

I love many in there! Winslow got my attention.

3 years ago

Zacharia and Tobias are my favorites! This is such a good compilation of vintage boy names! Thanks for sharing!