10 Facts About Cartilage Earrings That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood


Ear lobe piercings indeed are where most people start but remember, cartilage piercing is vast. It can get
intimidating as it is bold and is a little bit above and beyond the norm as far as the piercing goes, but
once you have done it, then the leap to other piercings is much less daunting, and after a few piercings,
the pain of a tattoo does not seem half as bad.But, just like that, no two people will have the same experience getting a cartilage piercing.

Still, here are ten facts about cartilage earrings that will instantly put you in a perfect mood.



1. Make sure that you wear your Cartilage Earrings properly.

If you do not do that, your skin might suffer from redness by wearing the wrong earring piece.

2. There are many types of cartilage earrings that one can wear.

Here is a list of the most popular cartilage earrings that you would love to try after your piercing.

  • Hoop earrings
  • Captive Bead Ring
  • Labret Studs or Posts
  • Dangling Cartilage Studs

3. At first, try to keep the style of the cartilage earrings to minimal, so you do not pressure your ear.

The minimalist designs are a good choice for your first cartilage piercing; they are timeless and will
complement a wide variety of changing jewelry and fashion trends.

4. There are two major types of styles famous in cartilage earrings.

  • Boho 

Bohemian styling is typically layered, exotic, and unexpected, making cartilage earrings perfect
for this look as they gave you more opportunities for layering jewelry.

  • Elegant

Those that prefer a more elegant and refined look should opt for a single cartilage earring with a
wither diamond or a baby pearl stud.

5. Make sure of the material of your earring.

Wearing a cartilage earring means that you have a cartilage piercing done. Therefore, any cheap or low-
class earring might lead to an infection making that cartilage piercing worthless.

6. Do not get heavy on your ear.

Cartilage earrings usually are small, lightweight, but still do not wear too much on your ear, or your skin
might get damaged.

7. Do not compromise on your cartilage earrings.

If a shopkeeper says that they will sell you a cartilage earring at half price, try not to buy that, as the
earring might be old, used, or made of cheap materials.

8. Wear your cartilage earrings after your piercings get healed.

Usually, these types of piercings take at least 4-12 months to heal; therefore, do not wear thick or long
cartilage earrings until your wound gets wholly healed.

9. Keep your cartilage earrings clean.

The cartilage skin of the ear is very delicate and can catch infection fast; therefore, to avoid infections,
you should try to keep your cartilage earrings as clean as possible.

10. Be selective about your first pair of earrings.

When you select your first pair of earrings to put on your cartilage piercing,
choose something in either sterling silver or gold with a design that you would not mind wearing for at
least 12 months to make sure that your ear is healing properly.

The most popular cartilage earrings that you would love to try after your piercing.


While these are like drops, they are longer studs with hanging components! There is a wide range of
decoration hoops, single-strand long studs, precious stone encrusted hang hoops, and gemstone
shoulder dusters that are ideally suited for quite a long time when you need to go a little OTT.

Melorra makes J Hoop Diamond Earrings, J Type gold studs, gemstone, and pearl hoops that are
present-day and insignificant in 18 kt and 22 kt gold. With J Hoop studs, it’s not difficult to finish your
relaxed troupe.

Simply the sort of studs you can stay in bed! Like the name proposes, these little ring-type hoops
embrace your ears. They are more modest renditions of circles that fit cozily around your ear cartilage.

For a ton of ladies who are searching for another kind of studs, ear sleeves settle on an extraordinary
decision. Ear sleeves are hoops that are folded over the external ear, and can for the most part be worn
by ladies who don’t have an ear-penetrating as well.

Drop studs are definitive style staples for your marginally dressy days when you need to stand apart but
not actually get everyone’s eyes on you! These are insignificant, lightweight plans that you can wear to
your office parties, a day out with best friends, or a get-together.

In Conclusion

Cartilage earrings are fascinating, and if you like earrings and piercings, it makes your ear the highlights
of your face. If you wear it correctly and maintain your earrings, you would not have any problem earring
any cartilage earrings with time.

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